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Counterpunch's blog

1:53 PM on 02.25.2014

Big Sale Thread: PVC, Figma, Revoltech

Prices do not include shipping.  I am willing to discount multiple items, but most prices are essentially set. All figures have been opened for display but are essentially like new unless otherwise stated. Figma: Scarlet Ra...   read

7:25 AM on 08.24.2013

Download my first novel "Master of the House" for free today on Amazon!

Hey guys, I try hard to stay away from too much selfish and shameless self-promotion (but not from alliteration). Well, today you can download a copy of my first novel for free on Amazon. But you don't have a tablet or e-r...   read

9:09 PM on 07.26.2013

Persona (P4A) Prize Figures from Taito

A few weeks ago, while browsing for new figures on Tomo, my wife and I saw that the Persona prize figures from Taito had been released without our knowledge. We were delighted to see that they actually looked decent.  On fur...   read

9:35 PM on 12.23.2012

Yamato's P3 FES Aigis Maid Version Review

I really enjoy the SMT/Persona series, so when Yamato out of nowhere released Aigis in her maid costume from Persona 3 FES; there was little doubt I would get her if price and timing allowed. Aigis Maid Costume P3FES by ME_...   read

1:35 PM on 08.23.2012

Monthly Megapixel Street Fighter 2: Watermelon Edition

Sagat Watermelon by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr "You all know what summer means...watermelon eating contest!" Blanka Watermelon by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr "Watermelons are green on the outside and red on the inside......   read

11:26 PM on 04.20.2012

Shining Hearts Lorna Murasame Review

Lorna Covergirl by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr I haven't played Shining Hearts and I was not familiar with Lorna prior to seeing this figure up for pre-order. Lorna's dynamic pose and mix of class/tease really caught my att...   read

7:34 AM on 04.13.2012

Check me out Sempai! (Wave's Rise Kujikawa Review)

Rise Idol Stage Shot by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr Sometime towards the end of last year, Wave announced a re-release of Persona 4's Rise Kujikawa figure. Long out of production, this figure was commanding a hefty premium ...   read

11:29 PM on 04.06.2012

Anyone interested in a Nendo Luka?

I have a used Nendoroid Luka for sale: $20 + shipping Only catch is...Tako Luka is not included. It's an authentic Nendo, AAA sticker still on the back. She's only been on display briefly and the box is pretty much perfect. So, yea, long gone Nendo, minus her little pal for cheap. Leave a message if interested of email me at m1981 AT ufl DOT edu   read

8:11 PM on 04.06.2012

Figma Photography

Just got some new cloth backgrounds and snapped a few shots. I can't lose! by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr Deathstare by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr Muv Luv Alt by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr Phantom by ME_Counterpunch,...   read

8:46 PM on 03.18.2012

Monthly Megapixel: St. Patrick's Day Beer Ads

I made a few poster style beer ads for St. Patrick's Day. Should be a little something here for everyone. Saber St.Patrick's Day Ad by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr DUKE TOGO REMEMBERS by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr Lucky Catch by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr Contract by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr Devastate 6 by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr   read

6:53 PM on 03.04.2012

Book Sale (Manga, Comics, Games)

Clearing out my book shelf a bit. Asking: Cover Price on these. (Typically $12-15) They are all mint. Dance in the Vampire Bund Manga 1-10 & Gaiden Asking: $6 a volume or $55 for the whole set. Darkstalkers Graphic...   read

7:58 PM on 02.27.2012

Maid to Order...

I just took a bunch of pictures of my maid figures after seeing the re-release of Saber Maid. Fun times ahead Master! Saber is first... Saber Maid Close Up by ME_Counterpunch, on Flickr Misaka to follow her further down t...   read

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