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Colette Bennett's blog

11:09 AM on 05.12.2011

Selling a few things!

Hey guys, got a few things to sell! First up is the original Hatsune Miku Nendoroid, #33. She is mint in her box with all pieces intact. The box has a tiny tear at the top left corner, about a half an inch wide in length, but...   read

4:23 PM on 04.18.2011

Selling my Jun Planning Sebastian Michaelis Taeyang doll

Hey guys,Thinking I might sell my Sebastian Taeyang. We blogged about him ( here way back when. They retailed for $143 when they were originally for sale, but I'm willi...   read

2:21 PM on 02.15.2011

Toys for sale!

Hi guys!I am about to move and I realized there are some things in my collection I would like to sell. I figured you guys are the best people to offer these things to, so here you go! Please email me at if...   read

4:00 PM on 11.04.2010

About those broken user icons...

Hi Tomo readers,I now a lot of you that are new have not been able to upload your user icons. We were hoping to get this fixed sooner but it looks like we may redesign before the function is complete, so if you would like a u...   read

11:53 AM on 09.24.2010

Selling Hatsune Miku Project Diva PSP case set

Hey guys, I have this Project Diva PSP case set (missing the game holders, though -- so just the bag and the PSP plastic case) that I am not using and I thought one of you might like it instead since we're all big Miku fan around here $20 shipped sound good? The original set was $50. Email me at if you want to snag it!   read

4:18 PM on 07.15.2010

Selling some stuff

Hey guys, I'd like to sell of a few of my goodies to make room for more. :)Busou Shinki Fubuki = $30, mint and boxedPeace @ Pieces Nagi = $40, mint and boxedShin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2 with Raidou plush = $25, min...   read

10:07 AM on 04.05.2010

It's intern time again!

Yep, it's that time again....I need some peeps to help me keep Tomopop moving. What I need now are MORNING INTERNS, so please do not reply unless you can produce posts between the hours of 8 am and 2 PM. If you have questions...   read

6:18 PM on 02.01.2010

Seeking weekend interns

Hi gang, it's me again. As you may have noticed, the volume of toy news we can provide during the week has shot up, but our weekends are still a little slow. I'm looking to hire two weekend interns to take care of this proble...   read

11:13 PM on 12.07.2009

Still want a chance at a Tomopop internship?

I'm still looking for candidates. We really have anime writing covered, but we need people who can write about designer vinyl, plush, action figures, and mainstream toys. If you have a passion for any of these things and are ...   read

11:39 PM on 11.24.2009

Toys for sale round two!

I hope you guys will forgive me for not posting photos of these...I just want to get them moved out as soon as possible so I have more space!Orchid Seed's Edelweiss Fumie PVC - $40 shippedFigure example here: http://www.1999....   read

9:01 PM on 11.10.2009

Giant toy sale of DEATH part one!

Hi guys,You won't believe this but I am selling some more toys. Why, you ask? Well, I need to save some money and I'm just running out of room for them really quickly. However, I have a feeling some of you will want to take a...   read

5:37 PM on 10.22.2009

Love action figures and want to write about them?

I'm looking for an intern for Tomopop that wants to write about them. If you collect any type of figure from GI Joe to Star Wars and would like to write about news regarding them for Tomopop, please drop me an email at The position is unpaid as it is an intern position, but doing a great job may earn you a paid position in future. Hope I get to hear from you :)   read

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