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Chris is one of the many tomopop writers. While often hibernating (even in the summer), this creature will often arise from his slumber to cover some of the more niche parts of the japanese figure market. Primarily a fan of garage kits, this creature will be more likely to be found covering companies such as Volks and is especially active during Japanese figure events like Wonder Festival.

Its main weakness is a strong disdain for (almost) anything Black Rock Shooter related. Disdain for BRS and apathy for most poseable figure lines... It's two main weaknesses are a strong disdain for (almost) anything Black Rock Shooter related and apathy for most poseable figure lines and a near irrational hatred of things K-ON!... It's three main weaknesses are a strong disdain for (almost) anything Black Rock Shooter related, apathy for most poseable figure lines, a near irrational hatred of things K-ON! and an almost fanatical love for Sheryl Nome... Aww heck!!!

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Twitter: @GundamJehutyKai

Chris Seto
2:52 PM on 05.10.2013

This is more for my curiosity than anything but I thought it would be worth asking how many of our readers are from the fair British Isles and also, who (if any) have plans to attend the London Comic con/MCM Expo at the end of the month.

If there are quite a few of you, there is the potential to set up some sort of meet so we can share stories, tip and whatnot (which is always more entertaining than the event itself!)

So, can I get some quick shoutouts from anyone planning on attending the event?

Chris Seto
10:32 AM on 03.12.2013

Man, it's been a long time since I wrote up a c-blog post and, truth be told, I haven't cos I've been lazy. That and I haven't really done anything which is worth sharing, not since KOS-MOS ver4, which made it onto the front page as a show and tell feature.

Sure I've done a few since then. Takamachi Nanoha and Hanekawa Tsubasa come to mind but I didn't really feel like sharing those 2. For me, they weren't quite at the level of showing off... Well, maybe nanoha was.

But I really like how my latest kit turned out so I'm letting her roam free! Here's Aisaka Taiga from Abirun

I got her completed pretty quickly as well, which was a pleasant surprise. For now, I'll leave some photos here for you all to peruse. More can be found on my personal blog

Now, onto the next project, which somehow picked itself... One thing's for sure, my backlog isn't going to go anywhere soon. Still gotta do up my 1/4 scale Bayonetta and T-ELOS.
Photo Photo Photo

Chris Seto
3:28 PM on 09.25.2010

Feels like an age since I last wrote a Cblog post... Oh wait, it WAS an age ago! Anyway, I thought that I'd share some pics of the garage kit acquisitions over the summer.

The LAFM Sheryl Nome figure got put into the shot as well as she was technically a summer purchase! I managed to do preliminary builds of the majority of the kits so here's what they look like!

I did a more detailed post on the kits on my personal blog but I'll share a few pics of the ones I think you guys will be most interested in!

FIrst up, we have the "World is Mine" Hatsune Miku kit by Kiking. You may remember her from this post.

Just don't ask me how I got her. It took a few favours a little arm twisting on an old friend of mine and that's all I'm going to say!
The second kit is the 1/4 scale Bayonetta from Volks.

She's even more impressive in person and, although she still doesn't match KOS-MOS, she's a great kit! Huge too! Like KOS-MOS, she's not a figure you will be able to fit on a single detolf shelf! Speaking of which, here's how the 2 stack up...

Yes, I know... After almost a year I still haven't painted KOS-MOS. She's up next, I promise!!! These things take time!

And with that, I think I'm spent for quite a while. Good thing that there's no major releases on the horizon, except for the PG strike freedom gundam. This Summer was really expensive!!

Well, The first wonderfestival event for the year is about done now so we'll be seeing photos of the event trickle through over the next day or so.
But some of the bigger sites such as dengeki and moeyo have already posted up pics of the event, focusing mostly on what the big companies were showing off.

Personally, I'm way more interested in the individual booths where the GK makers are, but there were some interesting figures on show from the larger guys. I'll try and avoid the ones which have been announced prior but this is still just a portion of what's been shown thus far.

goodsmile company

Nendo Saber

nendo Love plus

nendo Puchi Nanoha characters

Figma child haruhi

Figma Adult Mikuru

yet ANOTHER Hatsune Miku...


Senjogahara Hitagi

Saki Minifigures


One for the one piece fans, it looks like Megahouse are continuing with their POP series for figures. This one is of HebiHime. There are a few others too but I'm not a fan of one piece...


Revoltech Vash the Stampede!!!! *Waits till cheers die down a little*

Revoltech Wolfward *more cheers*


Loli fate

Aegis riding on Palladion (colour me impressed!)

A label

Dream C Club figures

[b] Chara ani[b] (those guys who are bringing the Himari from Omamori Himari figure Colette posted a little while ago

Misao from Asura Cryin'


Various Valkyria Chronicles figures. I'm guessing trading figures due to the lack of detail and polish


Adult (& evil) vivio

Loli Fate

Linebarrel (probably the poseable action figure they showed off last year alongside KOS-MOS ver 4)

Selvaria Bles (better than the one currently out IMO)

Momohime *Gets blasted away by the loud cheers*

That's about it for now. I'm sure the tomopop staff are busy preparing their own posts on all the new announcements and stuff. I'll update with any other interesting bits if I see them.
I'm definitely raring to see what the GK side had to offer, even if I won't be buying any this time round. I've already posted a few of the ones I rather liked on my blog. I wonder if they all made it in time...

All pics are from Moeyo and Dengeki online (for now...)

Chris Seto
6:04 PM on 02.04.2010

I don't think Dimension DIver needs an introduction in Tomopop.

They are the group responsible for a range of poseable resin kits such as Aegis:

And Samus Aran:

They have been featured on Tomopop several times before

You can reach their main site here

And now, here comes the cool stuff.
Tokyohunter has said that he will be interviewing Dimension Diver very soon but he needs questions to ask them!

That's where you come in Tomopoppers!!!

What you YOU like to ask Dimension Diver??

Questions can be about anything, How they started out? What their next plans are? which is their favourite kit? You can even suggest a project for them to work on if you want!!! (just don't everyone focus on that last bit, we want to try and keep things balanced...)

All you have to do is leave you questions for Dimension Diver in the comments to this Cblog and I will collect them up after the weekend and send them over to Tokyohunter. Simple as that!

The interview will then be posted up on the Tokyohunter site (he says in March so I'll let you know when it's up)

That's about it.
Locked and loaded! Fire away!!

OK fellow tomopoppers, I need some advice which (hopefully) will be more informed and thought out than a coin toss (which was what I initially planned)

You have all seen the Dimension Diver kits before and Jonathan has done another post on them recently so I won't bore you.
Instead I ask you this, which one should I get?

I've decided to take the plunge and actually try to get one from wonderfestival, seeing as there are no real Knockout Garage kits being previewed so far.
Admittedly, there is a chance that the rampage ghost Thanatos might make an appearance and that would be way cooler than any of the dimension diver kits but we can't work on "what if"s

[EDIT: aww feck!!! Just when I started talking about "what ifs" Tokyohunter just posted up that he's taking preorders for said rampage ghost kits. Sods law... It's a bit cheaper than the dimension diver kits tho so I *might* be able to sneak one in... and live off instant noodles for a month!]

Being a bit of an avid gamer, it's the video game characters which appeal to me more. Tho if kouryu and anryu could combine into tenryujin then I would have already bought those 2!!
Samus is out, despite the fact that the circle have said that they won't be making any more after this run. I love Metroid but samus is just too damn boring.

So that leaves trusty Aegis or the lesser appreciated Metis.

Which one would you guys go for?

@thebobness: would you believe my luck? Volks are going to sell the nanoha strikers PVC figures at WF!! 4th time the charm for me!! I finally get feito!! (hopefully)