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BeckyHolly avatar 3:19 PM on 01.29.2013  (server time)
What's your favourite anime studio?


I know this isn't exactly a figure-related topic and someone already asked this on MFC, but I though I'd ask it here since I'm always curious.

What's your favourite anime animation studio, and why?

Mine is definitely Madhouse. They've brought me some of my fav series, such as Death Note, Shigurui, Paranoia Agent, Black Lagoon, etc, as well as movies like Ninja Scroll and Perfect Blue. I like them because of their consistently good animation (most of the time!) and their subdued colour palette. I really like the way they do skin tones for some reason...

Another favourite studio of mine is Gonzo. Yes they've gone under, yes they have terribly integrated CGI, and yes they have some horribly confusing poorly animated shows too (Hellsing TV, anyone?)
But they gave me Last Exile, Basilisk, Gankutsuou and freakin' Afro Samurai people!

More recently, I've begun to love BONES. They are excellent. Bright colours, great fluid motion and better animation than most TV anime. They made Cowboy Bebop look as good as it still does. They gave me Soul Eater and Fullmetal Alchemist (twice!) Ouran High School Host Club and one of my fave anime movies, Sword of the Stranger.

Hell, they even improve on the manga of FMA, Soul Eater and OHSHC so much that I feel no need to read them!

I dislike Studio Pierrot's incredibly slow frame rate, DEEN's twisted faces, and Gainax's...well, Gainaxness, but the three studios I mentioned previously will always share a place in my anime-loving heart.

So tell me, what are yours, and why? What shows have the put forth?

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