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BeckyHolly avatar 5:04 PM on 11.20.2012  (server time)
The Hobbit Is Coming!

The Hobbit is premiering shortly, and my dear city of Wellington, New Zealand is being covered in 'Middle Earth' paraphernalia yet again! I thought I'd take some photos to show my fellow Tomopoppers what public Weta Workshop-related art there is around.

In a bookstore right in the heart of town is a statue of a Black Horse and Rider. It must be 1/1 scale, perhaps bigger. The effect is subdued somewhat by being in a bookstore, but oh well. I'm surprised it fits actually, the ceiling is just above it...

Yeah I dunno what's up with the tags either >_<

Down by the Embassy Movie Theatre, where the premiere for all the Lord of the Rings films and The Hobbit will be held, is a massive sculpture of Gandalf a-knocking on the door of Bag End.

It's really very big, as you can see...

And across the street from it is a big robo-tripod thing that's been there a few years and was put in to commemorate District 9 and Weta Workshop, I think.

The machines are coming!

Hopefully my photos weren't too crappy and you can get a sense of scale of the sculptures! Thanks for looking :3

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