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A-hoy-hoy, I'm BeckyHolly!

I'm from the lovely country of New Zealand. No, I am not a Hobbit. I don't live on a sheep farm either. And I'm only just out of high school, so forgive any childish remarks. I like to think I'm pretty mature...yeah, whatever.

I love death metal, Adult Swim cartoons and anime. In fact, I love anime so much that I'm willing to spend hundreds of dollars on anime-related goods such as figures and statues. I'm one of the few people left who still loves to buy DVDs. I love collecting things, always have, it's just that now my interests cost me more! My favourites are 1/8 scale PVC. Of boys. I like boys. Preferably with huge weapons.

My favourite anime genre is seinen. I love Gantz, Baccano!, Black Lagoon, Hellsing...that kind of stuff. Though my all-time favourite would have to be Soul Eater, hence my avatar.

I really wish I'd chosen a more imaginative name. Next time, it'll be ROBOT PANTS. Boosh!

That's all I have for now, toodles. Or ka kite ano, as we say here.

3:45 PM on 02.17.2013

Ok, so I was on Hobby Link Japan this morning, and I found this-

I'm just trying to figure out who this product is aimed at. There are no size options for the lingerie, so it can't be aimed at women... and guys who like Ikki Tousen may not necessarily have girlfriends who can wear the lingerie... Oh who am I kidding, it's probably for other special reasons isn't it?

I can only imagine :P


I know this isn't exactly a figure-related topic and someone already asked this on MFC, but I though I'd ask it here since I'm always curious.

What's your favourite anime animation studio, and why?

Mine is definitely Madhouse. They've brought me some of my fav series, such as Death Note, Shigurui, Paranoia Agent, Black Lagoon, etc, as well as movies like Ninja Scroll and Perfect Blue. I like them because of their consistently good animation (most of the time!) and their subdued colour palette. I really like the way they do skin tones for some reason...

Another favourite studio of mine is Gonzo. Yes they've gone under, yes they have terribly integrated CGI, and yes they have some horribly confusing poorly animated shows too (Hellsing TV, anyone?)
But they gave me Last Exile, Basilisk, Gankutsuou and freakin' Afro Samurai people!

More recently, I've begun to love BONES. They are excellent. Bright colours, great fluid motion and better animation than most TV anime. They made Cowboy Bebop look as good as it still does. They gave me Soul Eater and Fullmetal Alchemist (twice!) Ouran High School Host Club and one of my fave anime movies, Sword of the Stranger.

Hell, they even improve on the manga of FMA, Soul Eater and OHSHC so much that I feel no need to read them!

I dislike Studio Pierrot's incredibly slow frame rate, DEEN's twisted faces, and Gainax's...well, Gainaxness, but the three studios I mentioned previously will always share a place in my anime-loving heart.

So tell me, what are yours, and why? What shows have the put forth?

3:42 PM on 01.18.2013


I've been trying to comment on here (especially after the awesome Vash review!) but Disqus just won't load! Usually the problem goes away but it's the next day now and it's still not here.

Does anyone else have that problem sometimes, and can it be fixed?

Providing Disqus will let you leave an answer, of course =_=

Ok, this was kinda pointless, since I can't even see the replies >_<

4:08 PM on 11.25.2012

Kuwabara is being made, Yu Yu Hakusho fans! I saw him while I was doing the rounds on MFC this morning. The man we've been waiting for has been finally announced!

I guess Kotobukiya realised that people really love Yu Yu and are willing to buy figures from the classic series.

Kuwabara will be from the same ArtFX-J 1/8 line as the other boys (Hiei, Kurama and Yusuke) so now the team will be complete!!!

My personal favourite (after Hiei, or course) is also being made....Yoko Kurama *bang*

Since the other figures came out relatively nicely, these ones should too.

I would love a Jin figure but I'm not greedy and feel that I'm lucky enough that these figures have been made already.

5:04 PM on 11.20.2012

The Hobbit is premiering shortly, and my dear city of Wellington, New Zealand is being covered in 'Middle Earth' paraphernalia yet again! I thought I'd take some photos to show my fellow Tomopoppers what public Weta Workshop-related art there is around.

In a bookstore right in the heart of town is a statue of a Black Horse and Rider. It must be 1/1 scale, perhaps bigger. The effect is subdued somewhat by being in a bookstore, but oh well. I'm surprised it fits actually, the ceiling is just above it...

Yeah I dunno what's up with the tags either >_<

Down by the Embassy Movie Theatre, where the premiere for all the Lord of the Rings films and The Hobbit will be held, is a massive sculpture of Gandalf a-knocking on the door of Bag End.

It's really very big, as you can see...

And across the street from it is a big robo-tripod thing that's been there a few years and was put in to commemorate District 9 and Weta Workshop, I think.

The machines are coming!

Hopefully my photos weren't too crappy and you can get a sense of scale of the sculptures! Thanks for looking :3

Kotobukiya's awesome new ARTFX J line of figures from classic anime has got me thinking about figures I'd love to see next. So far Yu-gi-oh!, Yu Yu Hakusho and Trigun have got some much-needed figure love, but I can't help but wish and hope for more.

These are some of my personal wishes for figures from classic series. (Though I am biased towards 90s shows)

-Hellsing. It's popular enough to get an OVA reboot and many garage kits, but so far no really decent scaled figure of Alucard. This badass vampire needs a gun-pointing tattered coat-waving figure, stat!

-Revolutionary Girl Utena- A classic series that I haven't actually watched yet due to a lack of R4 DVD release, but one that would make for great figures due to that flowing, colourful art style.

-Escaflowne- Ok, I know this is beloved in the west but not Japan, but I can't help but want figures of the main trio (and Dilandau!). Since it's aimed at both boys and girls it should work as a figures series that both genders of collectors can enjoy, too.

-Death Note. I wouldn't quite call this a classic just yet, but seriously, where are the quality figures from this!? So much merchandise, and only the Nendos and RAHs are really any good.

-Fushigi Yugi- mostly just cos I just finished watching it. With the large amount of otome games and anime out there starting to get figures, I can see this working. Because bishies.

-Evangelion-Yes, I know...but there are only like three scaled Shinjis that I can find and there are actually other characters in this series too other than Rei and Auka! With the amount of Eva merch I think they can afford to chuck a couple of extra figures in there.

That's all I can think of for now. Of course I am a very 'Western' anime fan and have a limited knowledge, but I'm always looking to know more.

Please let me know which classic anime you think deserve figure love in the comments below.