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BeckyHolly's blog

3:45 PM on 02.17.2013

Kanu Unchou WTF item?

Ok, so I was on Hobby Link Japan this morning, and I found this- I'm just trying to figure out who this product is aimed at. There are no size options for the lingerie, so it can't be aim...   read

3:19 PM on 01.29.2013

What's your favourite anime studio?

Hello! I know this isn't exactly a figure-related topic and someone already asked this on MFC, but I though I'd ask it here since I'm always curious. What's your favourite anime animation studio, and why? Mine is definit...   read

3:42 PM on 01.18.2013

Disqus Not Working?

Hello! I've been trying to comment on here (especially after the awesome Vash review!) but Disqus just won't load! Usually the problem goes away but it's the next day now and it's still not here. Does anyone else have that ...   read

4:08 PM on 11.25.2012

Kuwabara Hallelujah!

Kuwabara is being made, Yu Yu Hakusho fans! I saw him while I was doing the rounds on MFC this morning. The man we've been waiting for has been finally announced! I guess Kotobukiya realised that people really love Yu Yu and...   read

5:04 PM on 11.20.2012

The Hobbit Is Coming!

The Hobbit is premiering shortly, and my dear city of Wellington, New Zealand is being covered in 'Middle Earth' paraphernalia yet again! I thought I'd take some photos to show my fellow Tomopoppers what public Weta Workshop-...   read

4:20 AM on 08.25.2012

Classic Anime Figures- Name Your Choices!

Kotobukiya's awesome new ARTFX J line of figures from classic anime has got me thinking about figures I'd love to see next. So far Yu-gi-oh!, Yu Yu Hakusho and Trigun have got some much-needed figure love, but I can't help bu...   read

6:22 PM on 07.07.2012

Tsume has done it again! A shonen-tacular discovery.

It's time for me to stop vomiting with rage, as the wonderful Tsume-art has finally started making more figures from my favourite shows! You know, just little series like Bleach, Black Butler, may have heard of t...   read

7:21 PM on 07.02.2012

Batman- Gotham High

I was just wondering if all you Batman fans had heard of this show. Batman is the best superhero of course, with many adaptations, but did you know that there was almost a high school version of the characters? The show was ...   read

5:50 PM on 06.18.2012

Tomo Complaint!

Ok, it's not that much of a complaint (as if I'd be harsh to my beloved Tomo) It's just that the little box containing thumbnails on the top right hand side of the main page is gone. It's just an ad space now. It wasn't vi...   read

4:08 PM on 06.13.2012

Cowboy Bebop Play Arts!

It's time to stop singing the real folk blues people, because at long last more Bebop figures are being released! I saw these on MFC this morning, just thought I'd let you know. They are making a Spike one and a Vicious one...   read

9:44 PM on 04.05.2012

Togainu No Chi- The sexiness has finally arrived!

After waiting for several long months for his release, this hottie is finally mine! I am so glad Kotobukiya made him. I've never played Togainu No Chi, but I am a big fan of the character designs. After trying to get my hands...   read

2:59 PM on 02.29.2012

What figures do you want?

I'm just wondering, are there any anime series and characters that you desperately want figures of? Because there sure is for me! One problem for me is that I watch shows that don't get a lot of figures, due to their being f...   read

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