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AJV's blog

6:35 PM on 03.30.2011

R-Style Gurren Lagann Nia Figure Review

While on my latest trip to the comic shop (last time I went there I got the Toyami Kakahsi figure) I looked around the store but nothing really jumped out at me...until I looked over at the Trading Figures (not exactly sure t...   read

11:29 AM on 03.03.2011

Toynami Kakashi Action Figure Review

Hello There and Welcome to my review of Toynami's Naruto ShippudenKakashi 4 inch (though it's really 5 inches) Action Figure.It had been a month or so since I'd gone to my local comic shop and I was looking around the store n...   read

7:11 AM on 01.14.2011

My GI-Joe Stopmotion Animation

It's not anime related but it is animation related.I started animating with stop motion when I was 9 (now 20 years old) with the Lego Studios Steven Spielberg Moviemaker Set.I have since then started to use other programs and...   read

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