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6:35 PM on 03.30.2011

R-Style Gurren Lagann Nia Figure Review

While on my latest trip to the comic shop (last time I went there I got the Toyami Kakahsi figure)
I looked around the store but nothing really jumped out at me...until I looked over at the
Trading Figures (not exactly sure that's what they're called) Section,
and low and behold there I saw one lonely Gurren Lagann R-Style box.

Seeing that the characters that could be inside like
Yoko ,Nia ,and Space Yoko looked so cute, I decided to grab it.
Even though each character has a number (Yoko's 1, Nia's 2, and Space Yoko's 3)
I was actually surprised when I got Nia. ^^;

Even though Nia's not necessarily a favorite character of mine I can't deny how totally cute she is!

She comes in four parts: Head,Body, Boota (the small pig-mole), the and Stand.
Some assembly required. ;)
But putting her together was very easy.
Sorry I don't have pics of here before she was put together but I put her together right after I left the comic shop. Gosh, even when I was a kid I used to wait til I got home before opening my stuff but I guess I just had to see what was inside. -^^-

The Sculpt is nicely done and so is the paint job. The colors are very vibrant and yet soft.
She looks pretty accurate to how she appeared in the Anime.
She has a ball joint that can turn and go up and down a little
The Quality is very good and it doesn't feel (or look) junky at all.
The Price was pretty fair in my opinion since she was about $10.00 plus tax

All and All, She's an affordable figure that looks absolutely adorable with a good sculpt and paint job, that now has a special place in my small (yet slowly growing) anime figure collection.

So if you like:
Gurren Lagann
Cute Stuff
Affordable Anime Figures
and Good Looking Ones

Then I'd recommend you pick her up.

Thanks for reading! Hope my little review enjoyable. : )

To see bigger pictures or if you wanna see what else I'm up to, then head on over to My Blog   read

11:29 AM on 03.03.2011

Toynami Kakashi Action Figure Review

Hello There and Welcome to my review of Toynami's Naruto Shippuden

Kakashi 4 inch (though it's really 5 inches) Action Figure.

It had been a month or so since I'd gone to my local comic shop and I was looking around the store noticing that some of the things I wanted were already gone, but then I saw a rack of these 4inch Naruto Shippuden Figures hanging up and they caught my eye. Especially Kakashi.

Seeing them was very surprising because I never heard about these coming out (I keep up with this kinda stuff) and I never saw the pictures of them either. So when I saw Naruto, Itachi, and Kakashi action figures in front of me I was like: Whoa....

But I was also leery about buying any of these because I was afraid that the quality might be poor and for the price (I'll get to that in a bit) I really didn't want to buy something that was going to fall apart or something.

Read the rest to find out if wasted my money on junk or spent it on something cool!

Well let's start off with the packaging,

I think it looks good sporting the Naruto Shippuden logo with Kakashi on the right side and on the bottom of the package bubble it has his name and his Sharingan.

It's pretty eye catching (it sure caught mine). It's too bad these aren't sold in stores like Toys R Us were they could get more exposure, though at least they can be found at comic shops

(though not all from what I've seen)

and they're not nearly as imposable to find as say...Figmas and Revoltechs

(gosh, I gotta get my hands on some sometime! >.<)

As for the back of the packaging,

It has the a smaller version of the Naruto Shippuden logo on the left with Kakashi's bio and features below that. There's some pictures of the actual figure in various poses on the right side next to the bio and features.

Also it shows the figures other characters available in this Series (1) and illustrations of upcoming characters for Series 2.

Now on what you get out of the box (or package in this case).

As you can see, we have the figure which comes with 3 pairs of different interchangeable hands (Open, Closed with Kunai, and Jutsu Sign hands) and a bonus reading book hand, two different heads, and a clear stand.

Let's start with how he looks,

The sculpt has a nice amount of detail and paint applications are quite good, especially for an articulated figure at a fairly small scale compared to most anime figures.

He pretty much looks as if he jumped right out on the anime.

Also the reason I bought him before any of the others was because his joints are very well hidden compared to his fellow ninja pals (and enemies). Like his ball hinged shoulders and hip joints.

With all this talk about joints, why don't we talk about his articulation (aka Playability)

For the Articulation department, it's pretty much like a the new GI-JOE action figures they sell in stores.

The packaging says that there's "Over 25 points of articulation" and I not exactly sure it's true but I think it's a little more articulate then "most" GI-Joe figures out there. Most of the joints use ball-socket joints like GI-Joe and other action figures.

Here's a list of the parts that appear to be movable:

* Neck

* Shoulders

* Torso (is very much like a GI-Joe's)

* Hips (Very much like Hasbro's Marvel movie lines like: Iron Man 2,Wolverine, Thor, and etc..)

* Ankles

All of which can be moved left and right and up and down.

The only parts that don't have ball socket joints and are swivel are:

* Elbows

* Knees (which is similar to the older GI-Joe figures)

Also the Wrist have joints too which go back and forth.

I like the figure because it looks great,has a good amount of articulation, and don't see a lot figures like these from mainstream anime series.

But I do have a few complaints.

Joints can pop out if you're not careful (though I am naturally),so I won't recommend giving this to a young Narutard. Though so far they don't pop out too often which is good.

Price Point, Because $16.00 is a bit steep for an action figure. Though I have heard that some shops sell them for around $13 a piece.

My Kakashi's left knee is a little wobbly, but it's not any big deal and it's affect the figure that much.

My biggest complaint is the Quality Control.


Remember I was telling you all that he came with two heads,right?

Well, one of the head's hole where you put the peg into it was way too small.

It took me over an hour with a razor blade to finally make the hole big enough so the peg could fit in so I could use the other head. Now I can finally switch out the heads now.

But for the Price (which wasn't cheap) I shouldn't have had to do that!

I hope that their Quality Control gets better as the line goes on.

Overall I think it's a Good Looking (with nice Paint Apps and Sculpting) Articulated Action Figure with a few setbacks (the Price and Head Ordeal in particular).

I recommend it if you like:

* Naruto
* Articulated Anime Figures
* Kakashi-Sensei
* Good Looking Anime Figures

Anyway, I hope my review will be helpful to you all and thanks for reading!

See ya next time!

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7:11 AM on 01.14.2011

My GI-Joe Stopmotion Animation

It's not anime related but it is animation related.

I started animating with stop motion when I was 9 (now 20 years old) with the Lego Studios Steven Spielberg Moviemaker Set.
I have since then started to use other programs and webcams to better improve my animated works.
So far I've animated with Lego, Minimates, and
(now for the first time) GI-Joe action figures.
Now here's my latest animated film:

GI-JOE: The Calm Before The Storm
"GI-Joe saved the world and all is calm, but there's always a calm before the storm."


This is my first official GI-Joe animation I've ever made and it's one of the longest animations I've ever made.
It took about 3-4 months for me to make. It was an interesting experience.

Be sure to watch it all the way to the end of the video. ; )

Hope you all enjoy it. :D

If you'd like to see more of my animations, then check 'em out at my Youtube Channel: AJVFilms

It has come to my attention that it is blocked in other countries, so I have posted it on Vimeo also.
Go here to view it   read

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