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May 27 // warazashi

#figurefridaychallenge - Open Challenge [+ May Event]

For this week, the topic is an Open Challenge. The weather is changing, a new season is coming, vacation days are here, students are being forced to become adults in the real world, and who knows, some may also be retiri...
May 27 // Alice

Hubbell Lighting Announces 2014 Lighting Education Schedule

Photo by:LEDlightHubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced the release of the 2014 lighting education course schedule at its state-of-the-art Lighting Solutions Center (LSC).The schedule is avail...
May 26 // Alice

Alexander Matukhnov: Sapphire Manufacturing is Not Overnight Success

Img source:LED lights for homeAlexander Matukhnov, General Manager from At-Vac, a Chinese sapphire manufacturer, busts myths on quickly profiting in the sapphire industry in this article. LED lighting remains the larges...
May 25 // Alice

LEDforum 2014: Dissect LED Industry's Changes, to Seize New Opportunity of Light

Img source:LED lights for saleIn 2014, LED industry ushered in golden period of development, the competition and integration between enterprises kicked off. LED industry faces both opportunities and challenges: under the...
May 21 // aberandro

Fancy Pants Adventures World 1 Remix

Fancy Pants Adventures World 1 Remix Proceeds with this laid back convention, giving the entire first entrance a major joking re-try that is as amusing to play as it is hard to say. Utilize the Arrow keys to run, duck a...
May 20 // Alice

Roshow Technology Mum About Officers Insider Trading Record

Photo by:corn led lightOver the course of two years, three former high ranking officers from Chinese sapphire manufacturer Roshow Technology have been detained by Chinese authorities over insider trading, but the compan...
May 20 // warazashi

#figurefridaychallenge - Flowers

For this week, the topic is Flowers. What goes better together than flowers and PVC! Hopefully we're finally out of the cold weather and into something that can be considered warm enough for flowering season. Sorry south...
May 20 // Alice

KLA-Tencor: Wafer Defect Detection Inspection Trends

Photo by:best led panelOptic inspection is still the mainstream wafer defect detection method in the inspection and metrology field, while E-beam will continue to be a niche market, said KLA-Tencor Chief Marketing Offic...
May 19 // moprhonauts

New Action Figures on Kickstarter

Morphonauts are a new line of custom action figures that are on kickstarter and just got picked as the staff favorite and is on the new and noteworthy page.  If you want to see a cool new line action figure check out the kickstarter page at  https://goo.gl/eEP809    
May 19 // Alice

Taiwan MOEA Promotes Solving Heat Dissipation Issues with AlN LED Technology

Img source:led lighting tubesCountries across the world have been investing large amount of resources to cut carbon emissions, as energy prices continue to climb, according to Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA...
May 17 // diabets

verkauft Laserpointer TV

verkauft Laserpointer TV 5,7 mW Laserpointer hat 0,4 mW Sicherheitsstandard mehr als 10 Mal, 10 mW High-Power gute laserpointer Schaden zu erwähnen, in den Straßen und Märkten Briefpapier, diese Laser-Sti...
May 13 // jessicasmith

Cute Baby Living Room Dress Up

Click to Play Cute Baby Living Room Dress Up Description: Play game Cute Baby Living Room Dress Up on barbiegamesaz.com! The game Cute Baby Living Room Dress Up is the best games on barbiegames. Mom will take the cute b...
May 13 // warazashi

#figurefridaychallenge - Square Crop

For this week, the topic is the Square Crop. Cropping is an art form. Figuring out how a good crop can enhance a photo requires a keen eye and a determination to know what and how you want to focus. The challenge for thi...
May 13 // Alice

Cambridge University Presents LEDs Made From ¡®Wonder Material¡¯ Perovskite

Photo by:corn led lampA hybrid form of perovskite - the same type of material which has recently been found to make highly efficient solar cells that could one day replace silicon - has been used to make low-cost, easil...
May 11 // jessicasmith

Gang Blast

Click to Play Gang Blast Description: Play game Gang Blast on unblockedgamesaz.com! The game Gang Blast is the best games on game unblockedgames. It's your duty to put the bandits behind bars! Fire your gun as you try t...
May 07 // jessicasmith

Monster High Howleen In Dance Class

Click to Play Monster High Howleen In Dance Class Description: Play game Monster High Howleen In Dance Class on playmonsterhighgames.com! The game Monster High Howleen In Dance Class is the best games on game monsterhig...
May 07 // Niero Gonzalez


May 05 // jessicasmith

Scary Lily Makeover

Click to Play Scary Lily Makeover Description: Play game Scary Lily Makeover on unblockedgamesaz.com! The game Scary Lily Makeover is the best games on game unblockedgames. This is a very big game - please be patient wh...
May 05 // Alice

All-plastic lasers and photonics closer

Img source:panel led lights UK scientist have developed a plastic optical gain material, and a simple process to make it. Optical gain materials are at the heart of lasers and optical amplifiers, where they transfer pum...
May 03 // jessicasmith

Min Hero

   Click to Play Min Hero Description: Play game Min Hero on unblockedgamesaz.com! The game Min Hero is the best games on game unblockedgames. Everyone dreams about it, to be able to practice titans in the Towe...
Apr 26 // Alice

Epistar to Invest in TSMC Solid State Lighting

Img source:led light panel Leading Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer Epistar is planning another merger to complete its white LED portfolio, according to a Chinese-language report by China Times. Market rumors over the la...
Apr 24 // jessicasmith

Play Game Friv 4 School!

In the current past, computer game have actually come to be the in point in town, leaving numerous youngsters taken part in their gaming consoles for lengthy hrs. in the day. For those that were kids in the 90's, you cou...
Apr 23 // jessicasmith

Unblocked Games For School

Unblocked Games For is now happening in the real world and gives the weather being developed. Formerly a game that people who are aware of the virtual playing now entered fully into the game and therefore it appears that...
Apr 22 // warazashi

#figurefridaychallenge - Open Challenge [+ April Event]

For this week, the topic is an Open Challenge. And it feels like Spring just came and went. Looks like the last call for coats, jackets, and heavier clothing. Well, except for those in that other hemisphere... Have fun w...
Apr 15 // warazashi

#figurefridaychallenge - Season: Spring

For this week, the topic is Season: Spring. Is it finally Spring? It's a season that's often times skipped over or one that never seems to come. Either way, you get to pretend like it's Spring (even if it's Fall for some...
Apr 14 // diabets

Laser und Transport

Laser und Transport (AGI) - Cagliari, den 27. April - Das Tragen eines kugelsichere Weste und eine Waffe f¨¹r airsoft (taktische Schießsport) mit einem laserpointer 5000mw in dem Träger, und 'stieg auf den Altar na...
Apr 08 // warazashi

#figurefridaychallenge - Nails / Fingers

For this week, the topic is Nails / Fingers. As LeVar Bouyer mentions, this may be a touch specific, but then again, picking out and finding specific details of a well done figure are always a nice find. When a sculpt ca...
Apr 01 // warazashi

#figurefridaychallenge - Four

For this week, the topic is Four. The numbers are climbing. For those that have a coherent set of 4 characters, that shouldn't be a problem. For the rest, you're going to have to start getting creative with how to repres...
Mar 25 // warazashi

#figurefridaychallenge - Open Challenge [+ March Event]

For this week, the topic is an Open Challenge. Spring is supposed to be right around the corner right? Or is there still snow left (or coming) where you are? Feel free to shoot what you like for this month's Open Challen...
Mar 19 // warazashi

#figurefridaychallenge - Legs

For this week, the topic is Legs. I'm actually surprised we hadn't run across this topic yet. And I guess by we, I mean I hadn't formally logged it as a challenge. So here you go. This should be a pretty universal topic t...

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