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8th elephant avatar 4:07 PM on 03.20.2010  (server time)
Trexi-Coke & Cinnamoroll

OK, i'll admit this is an odd pairing....but the Mini-shelf is getting full and Cinnnamoroll needs protection right?

Trexi: This is from a promotion a while ago. If i recall correctly, you buy a T-Shirt with Trexi on it and then get a discount on a few blind-box figures. PlayImaginative's printing is pretty crisp on this one and i like the fact that the hands can hold the Coke bottle. I hardly see this done, but some of the Trexi heads are interchangeable...

Cinnamoroll: I wasn't familiar with this Sanrio character till this appeared at McDonald's.
Yeah, it's a Happy Meal toy, yes it does light up with an LED, and yes the head is articulated.
However, it locks left right and center since it's actually a toggle switch for the light.
Funny enough, it also has a main on/off switch at the rear too which is really redundant.

I'm not sure if the light is a drink or a jar, or why Cinnamorol is clutching it, but its an ok nightlight if you're feeling too stingy to turn on the real ones when going for that midnight (or later) snack.
All in all, pretty cute and nice injection-molded cast lines.

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