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8th elephant avatar 9:07 AM on 12.15.2010  (server time)
Sanyo Eneloop: "eneloopy" Canine Battery Checker

Went to the hardware store and guess what i found? A Dog with a light-up nose!
This is Sanyo's kawaii attempt at an AA & AAA battery checker.

Once again, i'm suckered by the all-white & transparent blue packaging and the fact that
this figure is actually useful.

Inside is a pseudo dachshund-beagle (with ribbon of course), 2 charged AA NiMH batteries,
2 adapters and 2 bones. Bones?...What are they for? read on.....

Here's the spread. At about $18, it's not too pricey considering you get the batteries too.

The 1st Column: AA Battery and then AAA (energizer) being loaded into the pup.
The telescoping body closes merely to keep the battery from falling out.
The Adapters are for AAA batteries only. You get two of these incase you loose one as
with the bones.

*note: Larger C & D Cell eneloop batteries are actually AA's inside larger adapters,
so this ckecker should work for them too.

The 2nd Column: The Bones are actually used to "pop out" the batteries from the housing.
Yes, you will need the bones unless you've got small fingers.

And now.....Lights!
Red = Low or no charge, Yellow-Orange = Less than full but usable, Green = Full Charge.
The actual voltage checking as it where, is tuned to the eneloop batteries so a full charge is 1.2 Volts vs the usual 1.5 V but this is still OK for standard batteries.

Well, I'm quite happy with this "loopey-dog" and my only complaint would be that there's no
built-in storage for the adapters and bones. :)

A Little update:
Recently, i had to check a whole stack of 25+ AA batteries (NiMH & Standard) and this little tool proved to be the fastest for the job compared to my other ones. The trick is to just flip the doggy upside-down and load the batts like shotgun shells without closing it. Load, Press Button, Push Out w/ Bone or eraser tip, Repeat.

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