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Blamo's Billy 2.0 is oozing with style

7:39 PM on 06.21.2010 // Colette Bennett

We haven't heard much from Blamo Toys since we stopped by their booth during this year's Wondercon, but usually when a toy company goes a bit silent, it's only because they're hard at work on a new project. And sure enough, that was exactly what was happening. Today we got a press release letting us know that they were proudly announcing a brand new version of their Billy statue, called Billy 2.0.

What do we get with the new Billy? A new box design, a more detailed face and hand sculpt, a teak stain, better posture and sharper looking boots. As before, this Billy is made of solid hand carved Suar wood and will be released tomorrow on the Blamo website, priced at $80 + shipping. Pretty hot? We think so. We don't see enough wooden toys around these parts. Nice job, Blamo!

Over the past year of production, Blamo Toys has strived to improve their figures with each release. Constantly raising the bar for themselves in an effort to create truly unique art figures.

Almost 1 full year after his initial release, Billy; Blamovill's most popular citizen is getting a complete overhaul!

Redesigned from the heel of his cowboy boots to the tip of his bunny ear, Billy 2.0 is a greatly updated, and upgraded version of Blamo's iconic character.

Redesign highlights include:

New box design, with silk-screened original character sketch.

More detailed face sculpt that more accurately portrays artist Spencer Hansen's original design.

A new "teak oil" wood stain that better highlights the natural wood grain of the figure.

An overall posture readjustment, aligning carved Billy far closer to the original character design.

A more detailed hand sculpt, including individually carved fingers!

Redesigned, and more realistic cowboy boots.

Like the original Billy figure, Billy 2.0 is made from hand carved and stained Suar wood, and stands approximately 7" tall.

Billy 2.0 will be available through starting Tuesday 6/22/10
and will cost: $80 + shipping.

Blamo Toys would also like to remind everyone that they will be having a Solo show at the Toy Art Gallery in La on the 25th of this month.

They have tons of surprises in store including some giant versions of classic Blamo characters, a sampling of original art, new figures, and more then a few customs from the Blamoville crew.

More details coming shortly.
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Colette Bennett,
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