Binbougami ga's Ichiko is looking lucky indeed

MegaHouse grabs another franchise out of left field

3:30 PM on 09.23.2012

Here we have another great example of MegaHouse tapping into an anime that hasn't received much attention from other figure manufacturers. In this case they've made the literal lady luck of Binbougami ga!, Ichiko Sakura. What's not so lucky is that she happens to have a fairly generic-looking schoolgirl design, but maybe she'll stick out once MegaHouse gets a painted prototype out.

There's not much info at this moment, except that she's a 1/8-scale figure like most of MegaHouse's offerings. It's nice to see them diversifying their portfolio between P.O.P. releases.

[via 2chan]

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Tianxiao Ma

Associate Editor