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Behold, the ultimate Cardcaptor Sakura interactive line

9:00 PM on 04.01.2016 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Full interactivity doesn't come cheap

Sure, a good looking Cardcaptor Sakura Sealing Wand makes for a nice collection centerpiece, but why not some lights and sounds while we're at it? And to go with it why not a complete run of Clow Cards the wand can interact with? Well Takara Tomy knows that's a good idea and were dreaming even bigger by making an electronic Clow Book and a talking Kero-chan. 

To start, Takara Tomy has recreated all 52 of the Clow Cards with RFID chips inside making them readable with other pieces from the line. The cards will be broken into two sets: The Light Cards and The Dark Cards. Each set of 26 cards will run ¥6,000 so prepare to spend over US$100 for the entire set. 

The Sealing Wand itself looks great and will play one of 52 lines when touched to a card. It'll retail for ¥8,500, but also comes with five cards so you don't need the card sets to play around with it. Not to be outdone is the The Clow Book witch can play a whopping 80 phrases plus interact with the 52 cards as well as store them. The book will cost ¥6,000 and come with three cards. No slouch himself, the Kero-chan plush speaks 20 lines plus interacts with the 52 cards and comes with the The Jump card all for ¥5,000.

All in all you're looking at ¥31,500 (US$282) to collect the entire interactive set. Hey, nobody said this would be cheap! And if that's not enough they've also got a light up Key for ¥2,200 and just launched a clip-on Kero-chan plush for ¥2,000 last weekend at AnimeJapan.

It's a lot of stuff to collect, but they really did us a favor by including cards with the interactive items. 

[via Anime News Network]

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