Begin the great console wars with Mega Drive Megatron pre-orders

May 26 // Andres Cerrato    @VistFoundation

Robots in Disguise Consoles

At WonFes earlier this year, Sen-Ti-Nel unveiled its collaboration project with TakaraTomy. In recent days, Transformers have crossed over with other franchises that make members angry that they didn't butcher it first. However, I think we can all agree that a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) that is actually Megatron is the best possible combination of two things that shouldn't be joined.

Taking a look at the figure itself, it is based on the original release version of the Sega Genesis. What's great about it the choice of a Sega Genesis is that it doesn't seem to be out of place in the general design of Megatron. It doesn't feel like a stretch, but at the same time feels very unique. This isn't a cop-out effort and you wouldn't expect one from Sen-Ti-Nel. I really like this piece, so I'm hoping that I can save up the ¥10,000 that I'll need when it comes out in September. 

Why couldn't this be the basis for the large-scale Transformers crossover? I want, no, need to have an Optimus Prime Super Nintendo, Bumblebee Game Boy, Starscream Sega CD, Soundwave Game Gear and Hot Rod Virtual Boy. Make me proud, Japan and make my console war dreams come true. Until then, at least there's pre-orders.

[Pre-Order Mega Drive Megatron at AmiAmi | HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | BBTS]

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