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BBTS reveals three new TF Masterpieces for the summer

9:00 PM on 01.23.2013 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Big Bad Toy Store scoops everyone on unannounced release of Prowl, Smokescreen, and Tiger Tracks.

Thanks to Big Bad Toy Store not being under restrictions that prevent Japanese stores from posting solicitations before a certain date we're getting first word on three new figures for the Transformers Masterpiece line. First up is MP-17 Prowl which will feature an all new mold which should be a cross between his '80s cartoon and toy appearances much like the previously released Sideswipe and Red Alert were. Tentative release date is in July. MP-18 is revealed to be Smokescreen, sure to be a modified version of the same mold used to make Prowl just like in the '80s. He's penciled in for an August release. Though unannounced, it's highly likely we'll be seeing Bluestreak, the third figure to use the original mold, not long after, maybe as MP-19. BBTS isn't setting the release info in stone and for now the price is set to US$79.99, but it's all subject to change.

Meanwhile they've also announced that there's going to be an exclusive yellow repaint of Masterpiece Sideswipe coming called MP-12T Tigertrack. The original Tigertrack was a Japan-only 2002 exclusive (shipped in 2003) for Figure Oh magazine made from a reissue of the original Sideswipe figure. BBTS doesn't list just who this version is an exclusive to, but considering the original Tigertrack was released 10 years ago it could very well be another Figure Oh exclusive. BBTS is offering him for US$99.99 with release expected in June.

Hopefully we don't have to wait very long for pictures to surface. I'll at least get Prowl and Smokescreen, but I'm a little interested in Tigertrack, too.

Jeremy Emerje Crocker, Associate Editor
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