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BBTS Black Friday sale features okay savings

12:00 AM on 11.22.2012 // Scarecroodle

Figures prices adjusted to approximately represent actual value rather than just MSRP

Big Bad Toy Store's Black Friday sale may not astound you with its savings but there's still some solid value there. There's also a fair amount of stuff on the block, probably why BBTS broke things up into three sections (Marvel, Transformers, and everything else).

If you've ever wondered what the deal is with those new Marvel Universe figures, this would be a good time to get some. Several recent entries (Beta Ray Bill, the more articulate Hulk mold, Beast, etc) are available for US$7. Given that these figures retail for US$9~10 now (which, honestly, is a bit too much), the reduction brings these 3.75-inch figures down to a reasonable price.

Not a fan of the smaller scale? Well, BBTS also has some of Hasbro's relaunched Marvel Legends on sale for US$11 (a savings of US$4 vs retail, although some of these have been listed at US$11 on the site for a while) including Klaw, Constrictor, Neo-Classic Iron Man, wave 1 Iron Man, and Drax the Destroyer. Klaw is particularly cool despite lacking ankle rockers... actually, I think all of these selections lack ankle rockers.

The Transformers section is a mix of new and old clearances. Prominently featured is the Tranformers Prime (TFP) Voyager-class Optimus Prime for US$9.50, which is a great price for a Voyager-class figure. He's seen quite a few price reductions, though, as BBTS just can't seem to get rid of the things. The Deluxe-class  Fall of Cybertron (FoC) Optimus Prime, FoC Jazz, and TFP Hotshot have all been in a similar boat. They're currently listed for US$7.50 apiece (which is half the MSRP). TFP Cliffjumper (US$7) and Bumblebee (US$5) have obviously suffered a little more. Another interesting item is the Voyager-class TFP Starscream, currently listed for US$15 (about US$5 less than MSRP).

The everything pile has very few notables. About the only things worth noting may be the Star Sisters (a very solid savings at US$39) and the G.I. Joe "Slaughter's Marauders" 7-pack for US$35.

Personally I ended up snagging the MU Hulk and Beta Ray Bill (both of whom were on my want list but hadn't seen at retail) as well as finally caving on the TFP Voyager-class Optimus (because I'm not made of stone!). Anybody else get (or planning on getting) anything?

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