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Battle Beasts wave 1 selection confirmed, pre-orders open

5:00 PM on 08.18.2012 // Scarecroodle

Diamond Select Toys has revealed the full Battle Beasts Minimates wave 1 selection and, although really it's just the stuff we saw at their SDCC booth, we can now attach names to faces and figures to configurations.

The good news is that all of the Battle Beasts won't be bogged down by a human character, although the two coolest ones seem to suffer from it. Expect to see Gruntos the Walrus (again, lame name) packed with Tate Reynolds the human male, the Snake (who doesn't even get a name?) with Bliss Reynolds the human female, Vorin the Ram with the Scorpion (again, no name?), and finally Merk the Falcon with the Tarantula.

Bliss and Tate are listed as exclusives so it seems they'll only be available at specialty retailers (comic stores, websites, etc) while Toys "R" Us apparently will be getting its own exclusives (hopefully not more humans!). Personally I'm still a fan of the Walrus although, after seeing these photos, I'm also starting to appreciate the Falcon and the Scorpion (who looks to have four normally articulate legs).

The 2-packs will likely have a US$8.99 MSRP and are scheduled to come out in December. Pre-orders should become available in coming weeks, although BBTS already the full set listed for US$33.99 (although it has a February release date listed, which I assume will be corrected). While not quite the Battle Beasts from my childhood, I'm still really looking forward to picking up a few of these Minimates.  How about you?

[ Pre-order the set at Big Bad Toy Store ]

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