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Banpresto zeroes in on your wallet with Fate/Zero figures

7:00 PM on 12.23.2011 // Jonathan Tubbs

What with Fate/Zero still airing, it is of course becoming attractive for figure releases. Banpresto has a few coming in early 2012 as a part of their SQ Figure series, Kyun-Chara series of figures, and general prize figures.

From the SQ Figure series there will be the Saber Fate/Zero ver. figure depicting her in her armor from the title. With so many armored Saber figures already existing, it's a little tough to get behind this version of her in the armor even if it's the "Fate/Zero" version. Look for her to be available in May, 2012. Of similar format, Banpresto will also have suited Saber and Irisviel von Einzbern as a part of their DX Figure series. This is the first time we are seeing someone that's not Saber from Fate/Zero get produced as a figure. Generic poses for the two but being that they would be a part of Banpresto's prize figure series means they shouldn't be much to begin with. No word on their release date.

From the serious to the cute, Banpresto will also have the Fate/Zero characters as a part of their Chibi Kyun-Chara series. These super deformed figures will include suited Saber, Irisviel, and little Rin. Normally you can't go wrong with cute but these figures feel like they have no energy coming from them. Again, no word on the release of these figures.

See how these are all the cheaper figures, I guess it's still something for those who prefer the budget figures. I still feel they all could have offered a little more in their poses to build interest. But then, I can't really remember many Banpresto prize and trading figures that have wowed me. What do you think? Ho-hum and wait for someone else or do you see a future purchase?

[via 2chan]

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