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Banpresto has new Gundam Unicorn figures for its DXF line

10:05 PM on 11.14.2012 // Andres Cerrato

Keep your eyes on the prize!

Outside of two releases by Megahouse, if you wanted some figures of the cast from Gundam Unicorn, you were out of luck. It's taken six episodes, but we're finally getting them! They were on display at several prize fairs, but preview shots are out, which means pre-orders should be right around the corner.

Banpresto is releasing the four figures under its DXF label of prize figures. Paired off in two sets, protagonist Banagher Links will go with his rival, Full Frontal while Marida Cruz will be released alongside Captain Zinneman. I'm excited for these as there isn't anything else. I do love my Megahouse Marida (reviewed here!) but it'd be nice to actually have the rest of the cast. 

Outside of these preview shots and a release date of April for Banagher and Full Frontal, there's no other info available. Banagher's face could be a bit better, but at least it's not Play Arts Kai levels right? Given that these are prize figures, expect a price of ¥1,500-2,000. For that price, I can be a bit forgiving. For now, check out the images in the gallery below.

[Masterfile Blog via Cyber Gundam]

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