Bandai teases Samurai Shodown's Haohmaru for D-Arts

1:00 AM on 11.23.2012

Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Associate Editor

Bandai shows they aren't content with just doing King of Fighters figures for the D-Arts line.

Bandai just released the King of Fighters' Terry Bogard for D-Arts this week and with it we get the announcement that KOF isn't the only SNK game they've got their sights set on. Bandai will also be doing characters from the Samurai Shodown line in D-Arts form, apparently starting with Haohmaru! I played a lot of Samurai Shodown back in the day and as a huge fan of SNK characters I can't wait to see how this figure turns out! It'll be a challenging figure for sure, big baggy pants are always tough to do right, but I know Bandai can do it. Even without a picture of the figure to go by I know this is one I want! I'm sure if they go beyond the initial figure we'll see Nakoruru before long, but I really hope we also get a Hanzo figure out of this.

Now, where are the rest of those King of Fighters figures we saw a year ago, Bandai?

[via figsoku blog]

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