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Bandai's D-Arts line seems to have captured Mewtwo

10:00 PM on 10.23.2012 // Scarecroodle

But did they waste a Master Ball?

Startling news, Pokémaniacs! Photos have surfaced of a D-Arts Mewtwo and, honestly, wow. Just wow.

The photos, apparently featured in a special edition of "Figure Ou", show what seems to be a Mewtwo figure that I had dreamed about over ten years ago but, at the time, toymaking technology had yet to develop to the appropriate levels. Besides just looking fantastic, the D-Arts Mewtwo features things like articulate fingers (oooh!) and possibly a fully articulate tail (wait, am I actually asleep right now?).

But wait, it gets better! Mewtwo even seems to come with the sort of shadow ball (?) projectile seen in Pokémon: The First Movie (or Mewtwo Strikes Back). He also comes with a Pokémon-themed stand and may include a copy of Mew. Supposedly he'll retail for ¥3800 and has a March 2013 release date (which is a very good month to release in!).

Pokémon is easily among the most popular anime of all time yet, to date, we really haven't seen much high-end merchandise (or, at least, not in terms of super articulate figures). Hopefully Mewtwo is the start of a long, long Pokémon line-up from D-Arts (unless it gets a Poke-Arts spin-off). Who else is crazy excited about the possibilities?

[via Figsoku and Jefusion]

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