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Bandai of America's SDCC offerings get priced and pricey

6:00 PM on 07.11.2013 // Andres Cerrato

[Insert Goldfinger joke here]

Nostalgia commands dollars and Bandai of America knows that. People were excited about the Legacy Morphers, so those same people were understandably excited about the gold Legacy Morpher. All that details that came out for it were that it would be limited to 1,000 pieces at SDCC and it would be plated with 24k gold. As I said, nostalgia comes with a price, and that price is one hundred U.S. dollars.

Yes, $100. That's how much this piece of nostalgia will cost you. For plating and 3 less coins, you will pay $40 more than the standard price. I'm kind of surprised here, but this is Bandai of America after all, so I shouldn't have been.

If you still have more room for gold, there's the Gosei Morpher from PR Megaforce that will run you $50 and will be limited to 500. Lastly, there's a metallic repaint of the 4" 2010 Green Dragon Ranger figure that comes with a limited coin for the aforementioned Legacy Morpher. The figure is terrible, but comes with a coin you only get from this figure. Die-hards and scalpers will be paying $25 to get this limited to 500 coin with terrible figure.

The only question left to be asked here, "Is nostalgia worth it?" For once, that answer is no to me.

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