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Bandai introduces new 12" Perfect Model Series

10:00 AM on 08.11.2012 // Andres Cerrato

The big announcement at Tamashii Features vol. 4 at Hong Kong is the formal introduction of Bandai's new product line, the Perfect Model Series. As to what exactly that means, the line is composed of 12" action figures (read 1:6 scale) like Hot Toys or Medicom's Real Action Heroes. Originally the line was teased at the Tamashii Nation Winter 11 event last November, but now there are actual details surrounding what will compose the line. The line will feature a variety of properties, from animation, tokusatsu and even Star Wars. The line is a first for Bandai, as previous figures were done in conjunction with Medicom.

Initially on the planning block are C-3PO (which was originally introduced as a new Chogokin at SDCC) and R2-D2 of Star Wars, Tiger & Bunny's Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. in their suits as well as out of suit, Godzilla, and Akibaranger's Akiba Red. It's a very intriguing lineup to say the least but I just want to see how these will compare pricing wise with Hot Toys and RAH. I don't doubt that Bandai can put out something better than Medicom, but I want to see how the joints will hold up. Sadly, I won't know how that is until one is released.

There's no word of when they'll be released, but I figure that we'll get definitive news on the line at the Tamashi Nation Winter 12 event later this year. For now, it looks to be a promising line, let's just hope they deliver. There's plenty of images to showcase the line in the gallery below, so check it out and share your thoughts on this new way to execute your wallet.

[Images via Cyber Gundam]

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