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Back to the Future Hoverboard Prop Replica sale tomorrow

9:15 PM on 12.02.2012 // Scarecroodle

You'd have to be chicken not to order one.

Hey kids, have you ever wanted a bright pink hoverboard that doesn't actually hover? What if I said it was a prop relica from the Back to the Future films?

Mattel's hoverboard prop has its very own Matty Collector sale tomorrow (12/3), starting at 12 p.m. EST. Supposedly available only in limited quantity (there was a pre-order earlier this year), Mattel's hoverboard will run you US$130. The board features sound, a movable foot pedal, a velcro foot strap, and "rollers" on the board itself which will make stepping onto this thing irresistible... but, if you do, you'll probably break the board. Supposedly it's not built to hold a person making it the worst hoverboard ever constructed.

The cool thing about Mattel's hoverboard is how the whole thing has come full circle. The original board in Back to the Future II was little more than a very cool product placement for Mattel and now, nearly three years before Marty arrived in the future and found a working hoverboard (ie, Mattel needs to step up its game fast otherwise it'll create a temporal paradox of some sort), the movie prop of a toy has become a toy. You know, just one that doesn't actually hover.

The thought strikes me that 2015 was a terribly arbitrary time to have this sort of technology (then again, it's still better than that cartoon which predicted the moon would crash into the Earth in 1994...). Did anybody honestly expect technology would advance that quickly? At any rate, if you're curious about the prop replica, Pixel Dan (formerly of Popculture Network, now apparently a one-man-show) apparently was fortunate enough to get his hands on a copy and posted a video review about it. Hit the jump to see that.

EDIT: The embed code Youtube keeps trying to give me is for a different video so just click this.

[ Order at Matty Collector ]

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