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Azone bring wings and all for Accel World's Kuroyukihime

8:00 AM on 11.01.2012 // Jonathan Tubbs

Azone International brings the beautiful butterfly to the Pure Neemo Character Series.

There's no doubt why figure makers are cashing in on the avatar of Kuroyukihime from Accel World. ...okay, well, probably because she's the heroine of the title but it certainly also has to be because of how beautfiul her avatar design is.

Azone International is looking to take a shot at the beautiful butterfly and release their own version of Kuroyukihime for their Pure Neemo Character Series. Like all dolls by Azone, Kuroyukihime's outfit uses actual cloth to make her dress and rather opened top. Unlike PVC figures and the impossible world of anime, the doll does use transparent straps to keep her top from sliding off. It wouldn't be Kuroyukihime without her trademark butterfly wings and Azone does include it in their version. As expected, they are quite large but really do make the doll stand out.

Being that Azone releases several popular characters, it would be nice to see Azone go that extra step and do more detailed faces. Maybe not the quality of Volks, but as an alternative that would still come cheaper than Volks. If that doesn't bother you and you see Azone's Pure Neemo Character Series Kuroyukihime as a desired doll to own, you'll find her retailing for ¥13,300 with a release date set for January, 2013.

[Pre-order at HobbyLink Japan | Otacute | Hobby Search | AmiAmi]

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