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Diamond Select Toys: Femme Fatales Atom Eve  

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Atom Eve is next in DST's Femme Fatales line

8:30 PM on 12.15.2012
Atom Eve is next in DST's Femme Fatales line photo

Diamond Select Toys will be adding Atom Eve (Invincible) to their Femme Fatales line. The Femme Fatales line seems to specialize mostly in indy superheroines (having previously covered Lady Death, Darkchylde, Kabuki, etc) and, as such, not everybody might be familiar with the character. This time I'm part of that unknowing majority.

Of course, one need not be familiar with the source material to appreciate Atom Eve's design. The character is posed gracefully in flight, with one balanced on a crystalline energy effect. The sculpting and use of color is fairly solid as well. As with other Femme Fatales, there's something that just feels grounded about the design which is a pleasant change from a lot of overly flattering interpretations of female characters often seen in other lines.

Atom Eve stands about nine inches tall and is slated for a Summer release. I imagine that she'll retail for around US$40.

[ Art Asylum ]

Atom Eve is next in DST's Femme Fatales line photo

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