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Atlus D Shop gets two special edition Persona 4 figures

1:00 PM on 06.18.2009
Atlus D Shop gets two special edition Persona 4 figures photo

I've been frothing at the mouth for Persona 4 figures since the day I started playing the game, and there have been some selections, including a couple of Rise figures and a Yukiko (where's my male P4 figures, figure makers? HMMM?). By far my favorite was Wave's Teddie, known as Kuma in Japan. While browsing the Atlus D shop this morning, I spied a new ad showing a similar looking figure....but with an angry face. What?

It turns out that there is not one, but TWO special edition versions of Teddie that are available only through the Atlus D store, which is Japanese-only, so you'll need to use a proxy if you intend to get your hands on either one. Both are roughly $31 US, also made by Wave, and come out in September. You can choose between happy Teddie with spiked ball or angry face Teddie (or a two pack for $58). I wish I could afford all three, but I have to stick with just one. Damn you, D shop! Why do you take my greatest desires and make them COME TO LIFE???

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