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Assemblers is a Choose-Your-Own-Armor Iron Man adventure

2:00 PM on 01.19.2013
Assemblers is a Choose-Your-Own-Armor Iron Man adventure photo

Django Unchainted wasn't the only movie toyline to make headlines lately, as USA Today apparently covered a new Hasbro 3.75-inch Iron Man 3 line. The new line, called "Assemblers", features a mix-n-match armor set that will allow fans to create their own custom Iron Man.

The name, "Assemblers", is delightfully clever given that it both describes the building nature of the line while giving a nod to the Avengers themselves (who, apparently, may also pop up in this line). Given the scarcity of details, I'm not sure whether this line will entail swapping core body parts (arms, legs, heads, etc) or just add-ons. According to USA Today, "each figure features a slew of customizable pieces and parts to build your character's armor but also change it up and add accessories like projectile launchers from a different hero altogether." However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the basic parts themselves may be interchangeable but there might be additional plastic bits that snap over the core parts giving the appearance of a new armor. To some extent, the line may mirror Hasbro's previously deluxe-class entries which featured snap-on bits.

USA Today mentions that "each pack ($9.99) offers more than 25 armor combinations" which seems odd, given that the current Avengers line has the same MSRP yet offers considerably less. I'm wondering whether that only refers to the capability to change pieces rather than the actual included parts. I guess these questions will likely be answered at Toy Fair early next month although it seems that the figures will be hitting retail right around the same time, given that Toy Fair begins on February 10th yet the line is listed as going to retail around February 11th.

At any rate, the biggest question may be whether Hasbro will return to the sensibilities of their earlier movie lines (such as the Iron Man 2 one, from which presumably parts will be taken) or if they'll keep to the gimped, low articulated 3.75-inch movie lines we've seen more recently.

[ USA Today ]

Assemblers is a Choose-Your-Own-Armor Iron Man adventure photo
Assemblers is a Choose-Your-Own-Armor Iron Man adventure photo
Assemblers is a Choose-Your-Own-Armor Iron Man adventure photo

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