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Art Spirits Katherine comes available for pre-order

10:00 AM on 07.25.2012 // Andres Cerrato

Some of you were hoping that the Art Spirits line would do a better job with Katherine than they did with Catherine. I can say that this is a bit better than Catherine, but that doesn't mean that this is necessarily a great figure.

I definitely like the pose on Katherine a lot more. She actually seems to have some form of emotion to her rather than just standing there with a "Oh look, my shirt's coming off" blank stare. However, I'm still disappointed by the overall effort. The glasses look like just a black wire and the hair looks like it's going to have a problem with the ends. It's a shame because I really wanted this to come out well, but it's still at least better than Catherine. I will at least give credit where it's due as the belt is rather nicely done and the outfit is making good use of the seamlines for her outfit.

For those wanting to stay true to Katherine, she'll be available for 6,200 yen this November. Just call it holiday shopping and accept the poor fate of your wallet.

[Pre-order Art Spirts Katherine at AmiAmiHobby Search | HobbyLink Japan | Otacute]

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