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Another Play Imaginative 'Super Alloy' Batman

12:00 AM on 08.14.2012 // Scarecroodle

Recently we discussed Play Imaginative's very cool, very expensive, very exclusive "Super Alloy" Batman. If you liked the design but felt that the figure was either too expensive, too exclusive, or, hell, if you just didn't like the color then you're in luck because apparently a darker colored "Super Alloy" Batman will be more available and cheaper as well.

This new version is advertised as having a "matte finish" which might tie into how it seems to have a significantly darker color scheme. Otherwise, unless my eyes deceive me, it seems to be the same 1/6 scale Batman previously advertised. Or maybe it's the exact same one under different lighting. It's really hard to tell, although that other version is marked "Special Edition". Either way this "Super Alloy" Batman is a good deal cheaper and easier to purchase.

[Pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store]

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