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Another chance to activate your Wonder Twin powers & more

11:30 PM on 11.17.2012 // Scarecroodle

Form of: another chance to buy this 2009 SDCC exclusive

Big Bad Toy Store (BBTS) is offering fans another chance to own some Matty Collector exclusives, courtesy of a "warehouse find". Among these items are the 2009 SDCC-exclusive Wonder Twins 2-pack, the DCUC Starfire & Adam Strange pack, a JLU pack, some Retro Action DC Superheroes, and an Infinite Heroes pack.

The key note item here is obviously the Wonder Twins pack even if it lacks the con-exclusive Gleek figure (he was their blue space monkey). The Wonder Twins are likely best known for their recurring role on the Super Friends cartoons and the subsequent parodies thereof. Zan, who has the power to turn into anything associated with water or ice, comes with an accessory representing one of his most common transformations: a bucket of water. Jayna, who could transform into any animal, comes with her eagle transformation. The packaging features light and sound but, honestly, it's no Gleek substitute. The figures really fail to capture the looks of either their cartoon or comic counterparts, instead just giving them a kind of mean or evil appearance. There's a strong chance I won't bother buying them again although the extra opportunity is great. You can pre-order them for US$45.

Fans may also be pleased with another chance at buying the "Space Heroes" 2-pack which features Starfire and Adam Strange. Despite being a well-known B-lister, Starfire was relegated to an online exclusive bundle long before her Teen Titan teammates Beast Boy, Raven, Impulse/Flash jr, and others made it into the normal line (Robin and Cyborg came out much earlier). As such, this has presented an obstacle to fans trying to assemble a New Teen Titans line-up (or a Teen Titans Go one, for that matter...) which makes this pre-order something of a godsend. Adam Strange, on the other hand, is a name less known outside of comics and presumably even less liked (although a season 2 Young Justice appearance might have changed at least the former if not the latter). The pack can be pre-ordered for US$30; coincidentally this was the original order price on Matty Collector which, at the time, was a complete rip-off since single-carded figures ran for around US$10 at retail. However, retail pricing (now around US$16) has more than caught up with it.

The other four exclusives might have been offered on BBTS for a while. Retro DC Superheroes Jon Stewart (the African-American Green Lantern, not to be confused with the Jewish comedian-reporter) and Sinestro Corps Sinestro were both part of a Matty exclusive Green Lantern-themed wave. Given that they originally sold for US$20, you're getting at least a slight bargain with their respective US$13 and US$15 pricing. While I'm still not going to bother with S.C. Sinestro (since I have the classic costumed version from this line), I'm tempted to pick up the Jon Stewart since he's the only Green Lantern that I actually like. For Justice League Unlimited fans, the JLU "Gotham City Criminals" pack features Clock King (Tempus Fugate), Harley Quinn, Bane, and the latter-appearance Scarecrow; this pack can be pre-ordered for a reasonable US$25. Finally, for the mostly forgotten Infinite Heroes line we have a "Crisis" pack featuring the Monitor, a speed-force Flash variant (where he turns himself into a lightning bolt to... okay, it was a pretty crazy time in comics), a battle-damaged Super Girl, and Psycho Pirate. The pack isn't exactly a good value at US$30 but it was a pretty awful line at the time (that later just became a mediocre line before becoming a canceled line).

All of the pre-orders are listed to release in November while Sinestro is apparently available right now. I would expect that at least some of the items will be in demand.

[ Pre-order / order at Big Bad Toy Store ]

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