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Animate presents Hetalia Axis Powers plushies

1:00 PM on 06.02.2009 // Eva Duenas

If you know Hetalia Axis Powers, you know that it isn't serious business and is full of hilarious characters representing different countries. Being a fan of this series, it makes me happy that it has a lot of love and that people don't take it too seriously for the fact that it deals with the countries goofing around with each other.

While I think these plushes are really adorable, I wish they would stop using Himaruya's chibis for so many of their products (there's nothing wrong with the chibis, of course!). Regardless, these plushes only appear on Animate's website so it's hard to tell if they will be sold anywhere else. There are a total of 7 plushes -- 2 Italy, Germany, Japan, America, England, and France -- and they will cost 1,260 yen each. They will be released on August 20th so maybe I can pick up a few while in Japan! You can do a search on this page to find a listing of them.

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Eva Duenas,
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