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Animate Girls Festival 2012: UtaPri teases and displays

12:00 PM on 11.19.2012 // Natalie Kipper

Alter shows off their latest pretty boys

The game turned anime, Uta no Prince-sama, saw some figure action over at Japan's Animate Girls Fesitval. Alter had two of the boy singers on display and teased two more. The figures on display were of the the blue-haired idol Tokiya and the youthful redheaded Otoya. Both of the boys are in very dynamic poses, with hands outstretched mid-song and clothes seem to be frozen in movement. It is all very eye-catching. They will also be able to switch between two different facial expressions. Check out the gallery to see more on the that.

The wealthy pianist Masato and the flirtatious blond Ren were revealed at the event. They were really just two images on at the booth but, with Tokiya and Otoya looking this good, I can't imagine they will turn out anything less than fabulous.

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