Animate Girls Festival 2012: Kotobukiya's Yu-Gi-Oh! line

Jounouichi Katsuya, Bakura Ryou, and Marik Ishtar all reaffirmed for release in the future

9:00 PM on 11.18.2012

Back in August, we brought you news about three new figures for Kotobukiya's Yu-Gi-Oh! line: Jounouichi Katsuya, Bakura Ryou, and Marik Ishtar. In the above snapshot from Animate Girls Festival 2012, you can see all three are still listed as part of the Yu-Gi-Oh! line, which is good ... since this is the first we've heard about them in a while.

So what's new? We have a release date for Katsuya: April 2013. Ryou and Ishtar will follow that, probably later in 2013, so I'm expecting we'll have more info on those two (as well as a prototype for Katsuya) by Wonder Festival 2013 Winter in February. Anyone going to be picking these up for their collection?

[via Figsoku]

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Brian Szabelski