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Animate Girls Festival 2012: Fate/Zero Waver by ALTER

9:30 PM on 11.18.2012 // Jonathan Tubbs

You can be the master of my ride any day.

Boys! Men! Sexy folks! Whatever you want it to be, the Animate Girls Festival has it for you ladies (and guys)! We've seen that already with ALTER revealing the colored prototype of Raven from Namco Bandai role-playing game Tales of Vesperia. If "old men" are not your type, ALTER also has someone a little younger that may appeal to you.

From Fate/Zero comes that 1/8-scale Waver Velvet who ALTER teased earlier with a back shot of this boyish master of Rider. The not-so-really youngin' flashes an innocent look with matching pose that can push the right buttons with certain folks. Heck, it's even working on me! Don't worry Waver! I'll give you a good home! ... ... Seriously, it's a darling pose and something different for the male figure world. A welcomed addition definitely. And being the master of Rider, Waver will also include a chibi version of Rider giving what appears to be a rather joyous laugh. Cute chibi to go with a cute fellow.

No date has been set for release other than the vague 2013 release. Of course we'll keep you posted once that information is available. So, do you have plans to make Waver your Master?

[via Tanku@Ikerushi Kabane (Twiipple)]

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