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Andrew Bell's Worrible Squishable is back in stock to drool your cares away

3:00 AM on 10.25.2011 // Natalie Kipper

Andrew Bell and Squishable, Inc.'s joint effort last March produced the giant plush monster known as the Worrible. The first run of Worribles were special edition (drooling blood rather than blue plushie fluid) and produced exclusively for Bell's art exhibit, Love the End. A limited number of regular edition Worribles were sold beginning the month after and have since sold out.

Bell's online store, Dead Zebra, as well as has recently begun stocking the rotund oddities once more. As an owner of one of the older Worribles, I must say that if you have even the slightest pinch of interest in this big guy, don't hesitate; the Worrible Squishable plush is totally worth the US$48. This 16 inch tall (and goodness knows how round) wonder is as therapeutic to snuggle with as advertised.  Plus, he has a buttocks. Feel free to giggle.

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Natalie Kipper, Associate Editor/Plush Guru
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Living in "The Room of a Thousand Eyes," Natalie Kipper is a plush enthusiast who steadfastly refuses to grow up. As a Tomopop Associate Editor, she focuses on plushes of all kinds as well as Dis... more   |   staff directory

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