Andrew Bell and Squishable are creating a monster-thingy

3:00 PM on 12.31.2011 // Natalie Kipper

Squishable's last partnership with Andrew Bell brought us the adorable Worrible plush and now, they are working together again to bring more oddball plush goodness. On Squishable's FaceBook page last night, it was announced that their new collaboration, dubbed "monster-thingy," was in development. They reached out to their fan base to help with the decision on the color of the Squishable, orange or blue. After nearly 600 posts, the decision seems to be that the Monster-thingy will be blue, which had about 200 more votes than orange. I honestly don't mind either way; it's going to be awesome no matter what color it ends up.

The "monster-thingy" is still in development with no release date or price yet announced. I am already psyched about this. I love this design and it (he?) looks to really fun to hug. This is already a must-buy for me. My Worrible demands it. Who else feels similarly?

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