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Amazing transforming RC robot does all the work for you

1:00 PM on 11.29.2012 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Programmable self-transforming robot can not only drive and walk, but also launch his fists!

If you're into Transformers and similar transforming robot toys you know the fun is all in going from one form to the other. But if the robot does all of that on its own that's pretty freaking awesome, too, right? Kenji Ishida sure thinks so and is ready to unleash his latest creation, 'Transformer Version 7.2' robot, out into the public. Only 10 of these are being produced, entirely made to order using Kenji's custom made 3D printer, allowing buyers to choose what color their own bot will be made in.

No price is given, potential buyers need to contact Kenji for a quote, but they'll be fully loaded. Each bot comes with a numbered case, wireless controller, batteries with charger, motion-editing software, and a cable. Each bot will completely transform on its own from car to bot mode, be able to drive like a normal RC car, walk (more like a shuffle), fire both fists, and perform various motions and poses that can be programmed in. So what's in the future? Version 8 was revealed in video back in May and he says by 2030 he plans to make a 1/1 scale drivable version. He'll have 7.2 on display this weekend at Maker Faire Tokyo.  

Follow the jump to see a video of the 7.2 version in action and a second video showing the development process from version 1 to 7.2.

[via Anime News Network, Hobby Media]

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