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Alter updates Mistral, unveils Accelerator & Gisen

9:00 PM on 05.24.2012 // Chang Su

This month's magazine scans brings us goodies we've been expecting from Alter (though some for longer than others). First up is an unpainted prototype of Shining Blade's Mistral Nereis. Before you say "but we've already seen this at Wonder Festival", let me point out this new version revealed in the scans feature a new open smile on Mistral's face. Like the change?

Second up is Yaguu Gisen to complete Alter's Hyakka Ryouran lineup. Being a fan of the light hair/dark skin combination, I knew the inevitable Gisen from Alter would be a winner, so her lovely saucy pose is just icing on the cake. 

Finally, those who simply can't wait to see more of Accelerator after the teaser will be happy to find some snaps of him in this month's scans. He's decidedly less homicidal than I expected, which may or may not be a good thing. But I gotta say: I've never noticed this before, but for a skinny albino-looking kid, Accelerator sure is pretty attractive -- good to see Altair on top of things as always.

Gisen and Accelerator are both due for release this October for ¥8,190 each, while Mistral's release date seems yet to be determined. With any luck, we'll find out at the upcoming MegaHobby Expo!

[via 2chan]

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