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Alter delays products! My wallet rejoices!

10:00 AM on 01.31.2013 // Jon Wills

Accelerator for a V-day gift! Woohoo.

Here at Tomopop we were having our usual lazy tea party when we all realized that there have been delays for some of our anticipated Alter figures. A few cookies passed hands and some shout-outs were heard. Here is what we came up with, let us know if we missed any announcements.

Accelerator was delayed until Valentine’s day, February 14th! Nodoka was delayed till late February as well. The re-released figure of Jagyuu Gisen is being delayed till March. Jude Mathis, Chiinatsu, and re-released Izaya have been delayed till "spring" of 2013. Hopefully we'll get more details on their planned release date in the future.

Alter has a very high standard of production, and often puts quality before quantity. I appreciate their design approach but it can make it difficult to plan your figurine budget and shipping of figurines. Still I really appreciate Alter them as a whole and hope they continue to make characters that I love.

I do not mind all these delays. It allows me time to enjoy and photograph my latest figures without feeling rushed. Yes my Milla figurine, which was reviewed, will be lonely for a little while without Jude, she will be just fine though. What do you think Tomopeeps? Are you okay with these delays?


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