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ALTER casts color magic on Rita from Tales of Vesperia

8:00 AM on 01.23.2012 // Jonathan Tubbs

ALTER has been doing a nice job on producing the Yuri (reviewed) and Flynn (reviewed) from Tales of Vesperia but they made a little surprise at MegaHobby EXPO by making their next Tales series character release Rita Mordio, also from Tales of Vesperia.

The company updated their development blog with our first look at Rita in color and, though it looks a little odd to me in figure form, it does capture her wide face nicely. The eyes on her are looking beautiful and the hair is looking like your standard affair for figures of this size. The layers of hair from the back of her head look great, though. Rita has a colorful, decorated outfit and ALTER has once again done a superb job on it based on these photos. The laces that close her outfit though stand out quite a but, making me think of candy rather than laces. And unlike the boys released from this title, Rita brings a lot more motion to her pose which makes the guys look more disappointing. Why couldn't they have action poses? And lastly, we mustn't forget that Rita will also come with a cute mascot version of herself based on the art used for Repede's accessories. So cute.

Pre-orders for ALTER's Rita start Wednesday, January 25, 2012 in Japan. I'm definitely getting this since I missed out Yuri. ...oh, but what's this? The ALTER Development Department Blog has also revealed that Yuri Lowell will be getting a re-release. Well, I guess I better save or find something to sell. Anyone see themselves picking up Rita or finally getting their hands on Yuri?

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