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All other things mecha and toku in this month's scans

5:00 PM on 07.23.2012 // Andres Cerrato

If you were waiting for some more from this month's hobby scans that aren't related to Gundam, this is your spot landing. The usual stars are here, so there's a few new Kamen Rider, Code Geass, Godzilla, etc. One series that I don't think anyone would expect to get a new kit is Last Exile, but that announcement's been included for this month's hobby mags.

Getting started, let's go with the unexpected twist of seeing a new plamo of the ships from Last Exile. Hasegawa is tackling the airships for a release sometime in 2012. I wish there were more details, but unfortunately, they just don't exist. Hopefully this will cover all of the ships from the series, and given how Hasegawa likes to make things, fans will be in for a treat.

Bandai has a couple of new offerings this month for mecha fans. With Code Geass having two new OVAs debuting rather soon, it's not far fetched for Bandai to be releasing new material. For its Robot Damashii line, the original Lancelot is being drawn up as we speak. No release details, but I'll guess it'll be ready for 2013. Plamo will also be made, but this time featuring the new series' mecha of choice, the Alexander. I have to say I really enjoy this design and it's going to be rather affordable. The new kit is done in 1/35 scale (about the size of a 1/144 Gundam plamo) and will be sold next month for 2,200 yen. 

Lastly, we'll talk toku and kaiju. The S.I.C. Kiwami Tamashii line will be seeing the addition of Kamen Rider Decade. The smaller scale SIC will come with the Ride Booker in both the gun and sword configurations and features the same styling that had a mixed reception when the full-sized SIC was released. It will be coming in sometime before 2012 lets out for the price of 1,500 yen. There's also plenty more in the gallery to check out, including the latest addition to the Myth Cloth EX line, a brand-new S.H. MonsterArts 1995 Godzilla, and Ultra-Act Ultraman. 

[Images via Cyber Gundam]

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