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Alice Finch's 400,000 brick LEGO Hogwarts is pure magic

10:00 PM on 02.26.2013 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

At mini figure-scale and nearly complete this Harry Potter Hogwarts is one of the most amazing LEGO models you'll ever see.

Impressive doesn't describe what you're looking at. It's probably impossible to fully grasp just what you're seeing in pictures alone, but it's worth a shot! Alice Finch created, on her own, a mini figure-scale reproduction of Hogwarts from Harry Potter using 400,000 LEGOs. From the pictures of the entire school it's hard to tell just how big of a model we're looking at, but when you see the interior it becomes obvious that this is on a sheerly epic scale. The center staircase alone has 10,000 bricks and each end of its L shape is 13 feet long! No details have been left untouched, you can view every memorable (and less memorable) location of the school stunningly reproduced. It even lights up!

Over at The Brothers Brick they've got an exclusive interview with Alice talking about all the work and effort it took to bring this display to life and all the steps along the way to its completion. Also be sure to go to the LEGO Hogwarts flickr page to see the entire gallery. It seems like every time something like this comes along I think there's no way it can be surpassed and then it is. I can't wait to see what kind of spectacle comes along to outdo this one!

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