Akira Toriyama fans rejoice! Arale is incoming

12:00 PM on 03.18.2011

Hiroko Yamamura


This has been an exciting year for classic anime figure collectors like myself. I was so excited to see pre-orders pop up for CM's Corporation's newest posable, Arale-chan, from the all time anime classic Dr. Slump. I am a huge Akira Toriyama fan, but my love for his creations began to die towards the end of Dragon Ball Z.  The initial Dragon Ball series and Dr. Slump were full of so much charm and low brow humor, all perfectly captured in this figure. 

Arale-chan comes complete with her N'Cha Cannon attack, a few adorable faces, and most importantly Unchi-Kun! She should begin shipping in late April, and can be pre-ordered for ¥3,800, which is a steal depending on how much we seen the Yen fluctuate over the next month. Any other old school Toriyama fans? This little robot girl just melts my heart.

[Pre-order at Hobby Search]

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