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A Preview of the very first Designer Vinyl-related game: Yipe! 5

12:00 PM on 12.12.2009 // Colette Bennett

I may have filled you in a few weeks ago on a very special event for Designer Vinyl fans: one of the first playable games to be created featuring a figure was released. Called Yipe!5: Attack of Idle Hands, it's a RPG created for the iPhone much in the vein of a good old fashioned Dragon Quest-style adventure. Since I kind of like videogames a little bit, I was deeply interested to see how this mix of toys and gaming would come out.

Mr. Sisson and Yipe Software were kind enough to give me an early peek at the game, and I thought I'd share some of my impressions with you. Follow the break and I'll give you all the juicy details.

In case you have no memory whatsoever of who Idle Hands is, I can fill you in: he's the first creature to emerge from the mysterious bestiary housed in Mr. Sisson's mind, and surely there will be many more to come. In October the iPhone game featuring Idle Hands was announced, and Mr. Sisson said on his blog that in addition to allowing Idle Hands to guest star that he co-wrote the story and drew all the art. What a labor of love!

The first thing I was reminded of when I started Yipe! 5 was the eccentric feel of that witty online RPG Kingdom of Loathing. You can tell you're in for a dose of good humor as soon as you read the intro page. The king's a bit of a wuss, the monsters are a little on the weird side, and you're promised cheeseburgers before gold. This sounds like my kind of adventure.

As you can see, the overworld is oh-so-classic retro. Using your finger to touch the directional keys on the right side, you control your character's movement through the land. You can choose to be a knight, a spellcaster, a ninja or an elf and to focus on speed, strength or magical prowess. You start at the castle, where the king will give you an assignment and then run back to his quarters to quiver in fear.

Once you get out into the world, just like any other RPG, you'll have to battle for your life and to earn money. Fights are fairly straightforward, but the creatures you encounter are sure to put a smile on your face (the charm of the animations really shines through here).

Yipe! 5 certainly doesn't break any of the RPG traditions -- in fact, it faithfully pays homage to pretty much all of them -- but it really is great fun. It has a lot of character, and I found myself whipping it out just to kill a few things and earn a bit of money when I had a few free minutes to myself. You can also play at anytime and it will remember your progress and save it for you. You'll definitely need patience to progress, because it does require some grinding -- but it's plenty of fun and you feel truly rewarded once you hack your way through that dungeon and take out the boss waiting for you!

Yipe! 5: Attack of Idle Hands is currently on sale in the iTunes store for $1.99. Cheap! If you have a soft spot for all things retro and your Idle Hands figure sits proudly on your shelf, you may be interested in checking this out. It's by far the most quirky and fun RPG I have played on the iPhone -- I'll be looking forward to the future installments!

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Colette Bennett,
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