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A Boy and His Blind Box: Lego Mini-figures Wave 1

6:00 PM on 07.02.2010 // Matthew Kaplowitz

Wandering through the aisles of Toys R' Us one lazy afternoon, I found myself lost in the Lego aisle. It happens from time to time. Quickly, you become enveloped by the rows of huge Lego sets, be it a Star Wars Rebel Blockade Runner, a submarine with a giant purple shark or a farmyard complete with brick impersonations of cows and chickens. Sigh, Lego's, if I could afford you, I would buy you all. Problem is, these sets are always so expensive that I can never rationalize myself into buying them.

Like the bat-signal to Bruce Wayne, suddenly my eyes were drawn to a beacon of hope- Lego mini-figures! I ran over and dug my fingers through the box, looking like Scrooge McDuck in his money vault swimming in gold coins. Smaller Lego sets are just as exciting as the bigger sets, and part of that charm is due to the little characters included. Imagine an entire line of just those people and you have a winner! The only downside was the fact that you can never tell who you have until you take them out of package, and that is where I come in.

In my first installment of the series as regular as a constipated granny, I took a look at  Medicom's Metal Gear Solid Kubricks, which were also my first step into Kubricks and since then, I have begun to collect them en masse. But that is a story for another day! The question today is will these blind-packed Lego Mini-figures be just as awesome as their more expensive counterparts or will I be left with a hole in my wallet and more things to collect dust under my bed?

Hit the jump to find out who I got and what the final verdict is!

At $2.50 a pop, I ended up with six of these little suckers. I expected them to be slightly pricier, but I was not complaining when I got the receipt. Before I bought them, I did the usual tradition of feeling around the bags in a lame attempt to identify who was in the packages. Generally, you can gauge them by weight but that is easier said than done. In this case, I did my best to poke around and feel any nice-sized parts that were easily recognizable, and as you will learn, that might have worked against me here.

The packaging is pretty fun and I felt bad ripping these apart since they were so cool. The front image is what I imagine a modern version of The Village People would look like... in Lego form! These happy yellow faces invited me in to tear into their contents and assemble my ragtag army of misfit Lego things. 


Before we look at the figures, let's take a look at a poster that comes with each figure. This is one side which includes shots of all sixteen characters featured in this premiere wave. They include a ninja, a zombie (which was obscured by light in this shot), an astronaut, a luchador and an awesome caveman! My top picks, if I could choose, would be the zombie, luchador, Native-American Indian, killer robot dude and Robin Hood. The ones I can live without would have to be that crash dummy. It's just a naked Lego figure with a wrench. The clown also must go... as in go away to a bottomless pit filled with snakes and crocodiles and never resurface. Clowns... shudder.


Here is the other side of the poster, which gives you a rundown of the various pieces you can acquire if you spend enough money and get all the Lego mini-figures. Not being Donald Trump or his spawn, I bought six and was happy with that. Nonetheless, I do like the looks of that skateboard and caveman club. 

Ok, enough teasing, let's rip into sacks and unload our Legos!


There you see it, readers! The first bag is torn open and Lego pieces are strewn about like a dog just tore them apart. On the bottom you see the poster I just showed you, and on top, the pieces. Each mini-figure also includes a plain black base to stand your character on once they are assembled. The characters also all seemed to come with a spare part or two. I guess they figured these pieces are so small that they are going to lost eventually, might as well save money on our customer service line and just give them extra pieces to start with. Bravo, Lego, bravo!

Let's take a look at the six figures I got now!

First up is the nurse. She's an attractive brunette with a job, and I do love women who pursue goals and careers. Female Lego's are a rarity, so it is refreshing to see not just one, but two in this line. Lego is not a misogynistic company, and generally race does not exist either in the Lego world. Everyone is equal and yellow! 

The nurse comes with two syringes and one chart with some poor Lego's vitals, which seem to be very erratic. Rest in peace, little Lego dude.  The nurse was not my top pick, but she is not bad either. Furthermore, I think she is only the second female Lego ever in my collection. Second! Speaking of second, who's next?


How about two killer robots? As I said before, feeling around those bags might have caused this since I was checking for big parts thinking they would be awesome. Instead, I cursed myself to a fate worse than a lame figure - two of the same. Luckily, the killer robot is cool and since he has a giant helmet, I can have one displayed with the helmet and one without. The face is scary enough, but with the helmet he is mysterious and menacing, especially with that hook hand. There are a few close-ups of them in the gallery so check that before you finish reading!


Next up is the luchador, which was one of my top picks next to the zombie. This little luchador is great, down to the painted muscles on his body to the championship belt around his waist. He comes with a red cloth cape which is a great touch and really completes the figure. The grimace on his face is priceless and he truly looks ready to grapple with the best of them. Would have been made better with a Lego sized steel chair but even without that, this is still a winner to me! Let's see who is next?


That would be... the clown! No, not the clown! Anyone but the clown!

You... you set this up, didn't you? DIDN'T YOU? Wipe that smile off your face. You're not as innocent as you look. I'm onto you...

What are you doing? Stay back! Get away from me! GET OUT OF MY HEAD, CLOWN!



Ok, I took some... pills... and I am alright now. So, the clown... yup. There he is. He comes with a horn that he uses to lure children out of their homes to... ahem, excuse me. He comes with a horn which is one of the larger accessories in this line, befitting his large head of fiery red hair... LIKE THE FLAMES OF HELL! 

Sorry, sorry. His whimsical outfit gives him that authentic look that screams clown, and boy does he make me scream. Despite being a minion from the underworld, this clown is pretty good and I do not mind him being part of my collection. As in the part of my collection that I keep in a shoebox in my closet. Clowns... why did it have to be clowns?

Lastly, we have the the cowboy.I thought it was Indiana Jones at first, but the belt buckle told me otherwise. If you use your imagination though, it could be Indy! Lego cowboy came with not one, not two but THREE revolvers! Enough to put 18 holes in any clowns... I mean villainous goons that get in his way!

He also has that snazzy hat and squinty Clint Eastwood eyes to go with his cowboy scruff. Despite being well-armed, he is still smirking and pleased with himself. He is a very confident Lego and he makes me feel confident too. He makes me think that I'm good enough, that I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me. Thank you, Lego cowboy, thank you.

So there you have it, six blind-packed Lego mini-figures, all in a row. Not a bad haul, despite the two robots and the one hideous abomination to mankind that some refer to as "clown." Even though I did not get all the ones I was hoping for, I was very happy with what I got and would definitely buy more to get the rest. The entire first wave is all very different and unique and I look forward to future lines with more crazy characters.

For a price as low as that, there is no reason not to take a risk and see what you get. A great addition for any collector, be they hardcore or casual, and a nice piece to give to a friend who does not collect toys or a co-worker who can put it on their desk. I say grab these diminutive pieces up and share them with the world, you will not be disappointed, even if you end up with the clown. 


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Matthew Kaplowitz,
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