A better look at Revol Mini Solid Snake and Kinnikuman

7:30 PM on 04.24.2014 // Andres Cerrato

Also Micro Yamaguchi

This month's scans brought news of the new Revoltech line, Revol Mini. The inaugural figures of the line are none other than Solid Snake and Kinnikuman. It's not the announcement that many were expecting, but nevertheless, here they are fresh from the pages.

Both of these two are falling under the subset of Revol Mini, Micro Yamaguchi. If they feel the need to do this, odds are the Mini line will be extended to the Sci-Fi lines in the near future. Back to Snake though, he's the Snake figure you wanted back in 1998, except before you knew about what figures could be like now. He's got a nice set of accessories as Revoltechs tend to do, but the face suffers a bit more than usual thanks to the smaller canvas. Thankfully, articulation hasn't seen any downgrades. Kinnikuman looks just to be a scaled-down version of the original, which is not a bad thing in the slightest. 

If you were hoping that Mini would be in scale with your 3.75" collection, you'll be disappointed to know that these are coming in just over at the 4.25" mark. This is just a shortened Revoltech, albeit not by much. Given the size decrease and its incompatibility with other established figure sizes, this is a cost move. Unfortunately, costs don't look to have shrunk all that much. Both Snake and Kinnikuman will be released in late July for ¥2,600 each. I was hoping these would be closer to the ¥2,000 yen range, but that's not happening sadly.

I wish I could say this was the start of something big. Something that would get me interested in Revoltechs again, but I don't see myself ponying up that much for either figure. Even with standard retailer discounts, I think I'll be waiting for the clearance sales to pull the trigger.

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