Transformers Brake-Neck photo
Prepare for a wild ride(r)
Brake-Neck is an interesting name. It's a dual play on words using brake in place of break since he's a car and making it part of a phrase meaning to drive recklessly at high speeds. It isn't a terrible new name for a guy onc... read feature

Transformers Quickslinge photo
He may have a new name, but Slingshot is back!
When Hasbro did their year-long reveal of the Combiner Wars theme for the Transformers Generations line last year fans were simultaneously excited and confused. On one hand we're getting proper updates to popular G1 combiner ... read feature

Combiner Wars Powerglide photo
And away we go!
When Hasbro first announced the Combiner Wars theme for 2015 the possibilities seemed endless. And when fans began coming up with different ways to incorporate Legends figures into the combinations the doors were blown wide o... read feature

Armarauders photo
One mean machine
A few years back, collectors caught their first glimpse of Mecha Workshop's Armarauders line. While the giant fighting robots were awesome, I was even more excited to see that the line used tiny articulate pilots who could fi... read feature

Dino Getter 1 photo
Getter Robo gets teeth
There have been a lot of Getter Robos, but never one quite like this. What was originally a group of three aircraft that could be reconfigured into three different robot modes (Getter 1, 2, and 3) has now been reimagined as a... read feature

ASM2 Spider-Man photo
Is the sequel an improvement?
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the somewhat lukewarm follow-up to Sony's Spider-Man reboot. The film notably improved on Spider-Man's costume, giving movie-goers something closer to what they were used to, while jumping all ove... read feature

Review: Gill-man photo
Not to be confused with the Creature from the Black & White Lagoon
Diamond Select Toys has taken quite a few stabs at the Universal Studios classic movie monsters, albeit with somewhat mixed results. Early entries often took a more statuesque approach, focusing on the sculpt rather than the ... read feature

Review - SHF Super Mario photo
Let's see how they can 1-Up this
Mario is the figure that so many have wanted a quality representation of. While there have been a few over the years, they did little more than just move arms up and down. Earlier this year, Bandai brought the news that many ... read feature

Review: Helena Harper photo
President got turned into a zombie on your watch? Better keep your service a secret
Resident Evil is one of those franchises you'd assume a horror fan would be into, but it's never quite caught on with me. The zombies and assorted monsters are cool, but I've always been turned off by all the convoluted consp... read feature

Metroplex Review photo
G1 homages don't get bigger or better than this!
For the longest time Transformers fans wanted two things: New combiner figures and a reissue of Fortress Maximus. The combiner part happened several times over, but has yet to be done in a way that really excites. As for the ... read feature

Review: Pop! Raven photo
Azarath Metrion Reviewing-stuff
Like many long-running titles, the Teen Titans have undergone some significant revamps over the years. Beginning as a "Junior Justice League" consisting of superhero sidekicks, the title was revamped as The All-New Teen Titan... read feature

Review: Alien Warrior photo
The Xenomorph. Nature's perfect predator. Acidic blood. The ability to incubate in almost any living thing and take on the host's characteristics. A sleek black, bony exterior. Truly one of the greatest monster designs out th... read feature

Review - SHF KR Agito photo
Agito finally gets some hands
Kamen Rider Agito has had his share of figures. It was one of the notorious early releases in the S.H. Figuarts line, namely due to the fact it only came with the standard figure and two extra hands. Since then, the other for... read feature

Review - SHF Ninja Storm photo
The Wind School is now complete
I mentioned it last time, but Ninja Storm was the series that got me re-interested in Power Rangers. I really liked the S.H. Figuarts Red Wind Ranger, so I figured that I should probably complete the team with Blue and Yellow... read feature

Review - RD Wing Gundam photo
The shooting star she saw
I've had a lot of fun with the recent Robot Damashii I've acquired. The Leo Flight Type is the grunt I've always loved, and Deathscythe Hell has become one of my go-to figures. Cut to the latest entry, the Wing Gundam, the fi... read feature

Review: Black Zero photo
Once you go Black Zero, you can't go back... to your normal armor if you're playing Mega Man X 4, 5, or 6
The Mega Man franchise is all about upgrades (often in the form of new abilities taken from defeated opponents) and, when Mega Man X swung around, Mega Man (now called X) got a few fancy new armors ... two of which were made ... read feature

RD Deathscythe Hell photo
Scythe in my right hand, this figure in my left
Gundam Wing is what started me down my dark path into pure mecha obsession. While my favorite was the Gundam Heavyarms, there was the undeniable coolness to the Gundam Deathscythe Hell. With Robot Damashii having a focus on t... read feature

Miku 2.0 Review photo
So you don't think you need another Miku?
It was nearly a year ago when Max Factory first revealed their plans for figma Hatsune Miku 2.0 in February 2013, closely following Good Smile Company's Nendoroid redo of the character. At the time her update appeared to be v... read feature

Review - SHF Daft Punk photo
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
There are some figures that just come out of nowhere. You never thought of them, but you always wanted to have them. That's the case of S.H. Figuarts Daft Punk. While they did have a RAH release, these come in at a much more ... read feature

3A Real Steel Noisy Boy photo
For US$380 the figure breaks more than just the bank
Real Steel was one of those big Hollywood movies that a lot people seem to pretend not to like for some reason, but when a movie takes home more than double its budget at the box office that kinda speaks for itself. Another s... read feature

Review - 1/6 Churchill photo
There is no compromise with Winston Churchill
Action figures tend to be of super heroes and men of myth and legend. Some lives are greater than legends and that can certainly apply to one Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1940-45 and again in 19... read feature

Review Revoltech Ashura photo
Handy around the house
Kaiyodo has long distinguished its Revoltech line from the competition by covering darn near everything. Even if you combined all of Bandai's -arts lines you wouldn't come close to the level of variety found within Kaiyodo's ... read feature

Construct-Bots Review photo
Has Hasbro finally perfected the Transformers construction set?
Here we go again. Hasbro is on another mission to make the perfect Transformers construction set. Throughout the franchise's history there have been multiple attempts based around building blocks such as the 2003 Built to Rul... read feature

GT-01 GT-R Prime photo
Complex transformation doesn't always mean great figure
Best thing about Transformers is that they can be, and do, pretty much anything. The only real limiter is the imagination. We've seen big things like entire planets and cities, medium things like space shuttles and jets, smal... read feature

Review Kamen Rider 1 photo
An iconic hero gets a super-fun figure
Kamen Rider sure has a confused history in the west. Its first venture started in 1995 as an incredibly goofy Power Rangers spin off simply called Masked Rider. That series took Kamen Rider Black RX all sorts of places it pro... read feature

This might just be the figure that gives me new respect for chrome and translucent parts
Transformers Prime has been a monster hit for both Hasbro and Takara Tomy. Figures are flying off the shelves, the cartoon has been renewed for more seasons, and there's no shortage on related merchandise. It's hard to have a... read feature


While probably the most implausible Gremlin design in Gremlins 2, the Lightning Gremlin (or Electric Gremlin) is easily among the most memorable. Basically he's a normal Gremlin turned into living electricity through the powe... read feature


Confession: I still have not seen The Avengers (2012). I probably won't catch it in theaters at this point either. However, I've never let something as trivial as not following the source material stop me from buying the asso... read feature


Since the dawn of civilization certain unanswerable questions have plagued mankind, such as, "How many Spider-Man figures is too many?" Hasbro, in its hubris, has once again tried to answer that question by producing another ... read feature