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Himouto Umaru-chan photo

Up your Umaru count with these blind-boxed trading figures

If you want to spruce up your dwelling in a totally adorable way with Himouto! Umaru-chan merchandise, now's your chance! Good Smile Company will be releasing a set of eight trading figures in January 2016 featuring four variations of Umaru...

Pikachu PUTITTO photo

Share a drink with Pikachu thanks to these PUTITTO figures

The fine folks that brought us a number of familiar characters hanging off our cups from Funassyi to Disney to Madoka Magica is at it again. This time around Kitan Club is ready to electrify your favorite drinks with their Pokemon...

Nendoroid Plus Capsules photo

GSC's Nendoroid Plus Miku capsules are ready for winter

I hope all of my fellow New Englanders are all shoveled out and safe. Here's something cute and snowy to cheer us all up! Good Smile Company's latest line of capsule toys featuring, of course, Miku Hatsune has a long name, but look like a l...

Naruto Megahobby Expo photo

The Naruto manga ends as MegaHouse adds more figures

If you're like me then your week feels a little less complete after years of getting a weekly dose of the Naruto manga ended in November. Sure, I was satisfied with the ending (got my pairings!), but I still want more. Thankfully MegaHouse ...

P4 Half-Age photo

Tomopop Review: Persona 4 Half-Age Characters

I, like all rational and reasonable human beings, love Persona 4 with all of my heart and soul. And considering I write for a toy website, it's pretty obvious that I like cute things too. So what happens when Bandai takes the already a...

America! photo

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Lady Liberty goes wild

Has Liberty ever looked this good? Takara Tomy Arts has put together a very different take on the USA's Statue of Liberty in a series of capsule figures that show the iconic landmark's fun side. Poses range from what our editors have colorf...

Sailor Moon photo

Wonder Festival 2014 Winter: Sailor Moon mini figs

I don't know if you've heard this, but Sailor Moon is a pretty popular franchise. All joking aside, the anniversary of the show has brought a ton of sweet merch this past year, and it doesn't look like it's stopping any time soon. Megahouse...

Animal Crossing photo

Get these Animal Crossing figures in this Choco-egg line

You know what’s great? Chocolate. Do you know what else is great? Animal Crossing. That’s why getting both chocolate and Animal Crossing together is an amazing thing. From Furuta, there will be a Choco Egg series featuring trad...

Attack on Titan photo

These Colossal Titan trading figs are full of the feels

Attack on Titan's Colossal Titan may be an enormous man-eating monster, but it sure does lend itself well to some great and unusual figures. I thought lounging in a teacup or the popular Nendoroid couldn't be topped, but then obscure m...

Tomopop LinkUP photo

Tomopop LinkUP: The turkey coma edition

Hello and welcome back to Tomopop LinkUP! It's Thanksgiving Day in the States and if you're anything like me you're probably bursting with great food and looking forward to a long tryptophan-induced nap. But while others were slaving over a...

Sengoku Basara One Coin photo

One Coin Sengoku Basara Eiyu Shuuketsu Hen box pre-order

Some of my favorite chibis are back in action once again! The One Coin Grande Sengoku Basara series has returned, this time with the Eiyu Shuuketsu Hen box. I have previously shown you the first and second boxes of the original series back ...

LEGO minifigures photo

LEGO rolls out next round of collectible minifigures

The LEGO collectible minifigure blind packs are showing no signs of slowing down as they enter series 12. In case you haven't heard there's a LEGO movie coming in February 2014 and this series consists of 16 characters from the movie. Unlik...

One Piece  photo

Straw Hats sail again with new Punk Hazard series

Plex is back with a new set of One Piece mini figures based on the crew's adventures on Punk Hazard. The Anime Chara Heros One Piece Chapter of Punk Hazard Vol.1 series features the entire crew, villains, and marines as they appear on ...

NYCC Tamashii Nations photo

NYCC 2013: Tamashii Nations - misc. figures and role play

Trying to collect figures on a shoestring budget? It's hard to do unless you're willing to set your sights a little smaller. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for something cheap. Bluefin Distribution and Tamashii Nations are bringin...

Sailor Moon Petit Chara photo

Sailor Moon Petit Chara! figures by Megahouse pre-order!

How cute!! I love Megahouse's Petit Chara! figures, as I'm totally a sucker for cute trading figures, but these are almost always so fun! We have the five Inner Scouts, Tuxedo Mask, as well as Luna and Artemis. Each of the humans come as tw...

Sengoku Basara chibis photo

Capcom bring out the chibis Sengoku Basara style!

Capcom? Check. Sengoku Basara? Check. Absolutely adorable chibis?! CHECK! Alright, Capcom are totally in it to win it with this set of freaking cute Sengoku Basara chibis, especially with the hype relating to the upcoming Sengoku Basara 4! ...

Kabaya Transformers photo

Newest Kabaya Transformers are surprisingly nice looking

For a while now Kabaya has been doing lines of candy toys based on the Transformers franchise. For the most part the series has either recreated the original Generation One figures from the '80s and '90s in simpler forms or made entirely ne...


Hetalia The Beautiful World speaker mascots pre-order

The gang from Hetalia returns with a lot of things to say! Movic has created a new set of speaker mascots from Hetalia The Beautiful World, which are all voiced by their voice actors from the show in Japan. Characters included are Italy, Ge...


Final Fantasy Trading Arts Zidane, WoL, Ace pre-order

The Final Fantasy Trading Arts Minis are back, and this time we have Zidane, Warrior of Light and Ace up for pre-order in their cute chibi forms. I'm sure you're probably familiar with Zidane and the Warrior of Light, but if you haven't hea...

To Aru Index chibis photo

Chara-Ani piles on the Index with two re-releases

With the To Aru Majutsu no Index movie packing out cinemas, it's good times for the franchise and the perfect opportunity for Chara-Ani to release an upgraded set of its Toy's Works' super deformed trading figures.  The new varian...


Naruto Sengoku Dattebayo Swing Collection for pre-order

Alright, so this trading figure set totally caught me out of the blue, and I find it extremely adorable. For once in a long while I actually want some Naruto figures again. What we have here are swinging and swaying chibi versions of your f...


Tomopop Review: Round 5's Cut The Rope toys

For fans of the adorable game Cut The Rope, Round 5 has teamed up with Zeptolab to make some cute miniature trading figures and plushies! I didn't know these existed until the Round 5 team contacted me about it, and I'm pleased to see that ...


The iDOLM@STER girls give a mini size Cinderella story

Idol simulator series The iDOLM@STER is certainly something big. I mean look at how many times MegaHouse has released repaints of the girls from this series? Well, The iDOLM@STER is now even bigger than before thanks to the recent...


To the New World again with Figuarts ZERO Brook and Robin

As it commonly seems with new One Piece releases, some re-releases are bound to happen. If you need to do some catching up to go along with your Figuarts ZERO X-Drake and Basil Hawkins, you can now pre-order again both New World versions of...


Choose your party with these Etrian Odyssey III figures

I really do not like it when a game gives me several party members or classes to choose from (I'm looking at you Suikoden series!) but when you ask me to choose my party for my figure collection, you're just asking for too much now. Just li...


Transformers, train girls, more come to Dengeki Festival

TakaraTomy is a mix bag of properties and then some as evident at the Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival. The company showed off some of its popular properties including ZOIDS, Transformers, and TomyTec's line of train girls. For Transformer...


Sengoku Basara Sansun Bushou Collection Part 1 pre-order

Uh oh, Sengoku Basara fans? Get your wallets ready! Capcom is releasing the Sengoku Basara Sansun Bushou Collection Part 1, which is an adorable chibi set of figures that can somewhat be compared to Kotobukiya's previous One Coin figures. W...


Kaiyodo's Yotsuba trading figure set up for pre-order

Last week, we brought you the news about Kaiyodo's upcoming Yotsuba&! trading figure series, which is coming out now in December. Now, we're happy to let you know pre-orders for the set have opened up, and it seems like they're get...


Nendoroid Petite Type-Moon Collection hits pre-order

If you were around yesterday then you probably saw Mikatan's gallery for Good Smile Company's Nendoroid Petite TYPE-MOON Collection made in honor of TYPE-MOON's 10th anniversary! This impressive set of 12 trading figures, including one...


Good Smile previews Nendoroid Petite TYPE-MOON set

Good Smile Company is helping TYPE-MOON celebrate their 10th Anniversary in style with their latest Nendoroid Petite collection. This massive set features 12 characters (including a secret bonus character) from seven TYPE-Moon works. This s...


Chess Collection R: Hunter x Hunter set hits pre-orders

I won't pretend I'm any good at chess. I've tried to learn a bunch of times, but I'm just not any good at it. However, you don't have to be a chess player to appreciate the newest entry in the Chess Collection R series: Hunter x Hunter. I m...


Final Fantasy's Kefka shows his devious face!

Square-Enix has released the official images of the upcoming Final Fantasy Creatures Kai Vol. 5 figures! You know what that means? PRE-ORDERS! You have no idea the amount of running and screaming I just did as I put in my pre-order for a bo...


Under the Radar: Kaiyodo's Yotsuba and Monochrome Animals

As a fan of Yotsuba&!, I've loved seeing Danbo get so much love... but what about the green-haired girl herself? It's been few and far between on the figure front, but great news! Kaiyodo is releasing a new trading figure series this f...


Bandai has another Evangelion Portraits set coming up

Bandai's got a new Evangelion Portraits set for November, and pre-orders have already started. It's titled "Rebuild of Evangelion PORTRAITS Plug Suit Special" and sure enough, will have Rei, Asuka, Mari, Shinji, and Kaworu. However there is...


NISA offers Mugen Souls Nendoroids with game plus more

NIS America is gearing up for the release of their next big game: Mugen Souls for PS3. And while they're offering up their usual standard and limited editions they're also making a special bundle that includes Nendoroid Petites of lead...


New subscription service Sugo Toys Japan enters the fray

Sometimes figure collecting is a war. When it comes to certain figure lines you have to stalk export sites, attack when pre-orders go up, and do everything you can to beat your fellow collectors to the punch in order to gain victory over th...


Bandai wants you to smile courtesy of Tiger & Bunny

Now you can have your favorite Tiger & Bunny heroes always smiling at you, thanks to Bandai's relatively new trading figures line @be.smile. The line has a really cute catchphrase — The characters are always with a "smile." The se...


Chara-Ani has all sorts of Haruhi-chan goodness coming up

If you're a Haruhi fan, you'll surely appreciate these adorable trading figures from Chara-Ani. They're taken from the often-bizarre world of the Haruhi-chan and Nyoron! Churuya-san animated shorts, featuring such things as Nagato in rabbit...


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