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AAAAAHHH!! photo

Peter Cullen as Optimus Primes stars in hilarious Toys R US commercial

... when you realize your life is a lie
Oct 24
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Toys R Us has a new ad promoting the 2015 holiday shopping season that plays out like a cross between something out of Toy Story and the Twilight Zone. Simply titled Clone the ad features a talking Baby Alive doll that sound...

Two original TFs get WTF repaints from Hasbro

Mar 18 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
TF WTF photo
And they aren't even G2 figures
Some things are beyond explanation. Fans of the clunky original Transformers Generation 1 figures have been wanting to see Hasbro give Blitzwing and Astrotrain a proper reissue for years now. We knew the molds were still...

SDCC photo
They're blunt-tastic
Bluntman and Chronic, the superheroic creations of director Kevin Smith, will be receiving a Toys "R" Us-exclusive Minimates 2-pack which will be sold exclusively at the Entertainment Earth booth (#2343). If that sounds confu...

Power Rangers photo
Star of the movie Drop Dead Zedd?
Lord Zedd, the self-proclaimed "Emperor of Evil", is being brought back to life in Bandai of America's 5-inch Power Rangers Legacy line and will on sale at the Entertainment Earth booth (#2343) during SDCC. For those who can'...

Masterpiece Prowl photo
Masterpiece Prowl

Sorry, Europe, no Masterpiece Prowl for you

Hasbro cancels plans for release, but comes up with an interesting consolation gift
Jun 28
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
You might remember back in April Transformers fans finding Masterpiece Prowl listed in Toys R Us computers, including computers in the UK complete with price. Well bad news came this week as Hasbro has officially canceled the...
Marvel photo

DST puts the Minimates Infinity Box Set up to a vote

War of the Votes
May 22
// Scarecroodle
Diamond Select Toys is letting fans vote on who they want to see in the upcoming Toys "R" Us-exclusive Marvel's Infinity box set. There are six possible choices although only four will be made into Minimates. Collectors can s...
X-Men photo
In a word? Argh
Hasbro, you done did it this time! In yet another move seemingly designed to provoke the ire of fans, Hasbro has apparently taken the Jubilee build-a-figure unveiled at SDCC last year and plopped her into an awful-looking Toy...

Transformers Masterpiece photo
Prowl's NA and UK price might make you want to wait for a Takara Tomy re-release
There's been some speculation for a while that Hasbro would soon be bringing over Takara Tomy's Transformers Masterpiece cars to the rest of the world and it seems like they're finally making their move. Back in January TFW20...

X-Men photo
First class? At US$140, try no class
Toys "R" Us will be carrying an exclusive Marvel Legends box set featuring the original five X-Men in their original costumes, based on their appearances in the All-New X-Men where the group's past selves confront their moder...

Playmates TMNT photo
Playmates TMNT

TMNT Classics to be carried exclusively by Toys 'R' Us

Tomopop editor still can't wait to get that Rocksteady and Bebop
Sep 04
// Scarecroodle
Playmates has officially announced that its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classics Collection (which consists of both the new 6-inch figures as well as reproductions of the original 4-inch figures) will be carried exclusively ...
Monster High photo
My scary pony
For various reasons, Mattel's Monster High line really isn't something I follow. However, I can appreciate both the line's creativity and attempt to branch the general cause of horror (in some form) to new audiences (as well ...


Toys R Us exclusives revealed for Walking Dead Minimates

Available in September
Aug 05
// Vanessa Cubillo
Diamond Select Toys has just revealed their Toys "R" Us exclusives for Series 4 of The Walking Dead Minimates. This exclusive assortment will have six new figures based on the artwork of series artist, Charlie Adlard. The Wa...
SDCC Toys R Us photo
See what the toy store has to offer us this year
Toys "R" Us has listed several of the toys they'll have at SDCC this year, which will all be at the Entertainment Earth booth (#2343). They're looking to have Transformers Masterpiece Action Figures of Acid Storm (US$75) and ...

Toys R Us exclusives due later this year.
Just before Toy Fair 2013 Hasbro made the statement that they'd be showing off their latest releases in the Transformers Masterpiece line, but somehow they never appeared at the show. Fast forward several weeks and Hasbro has...


DST's Battle Beasts become animated animals

Will the animated violence never end?
Feb 16
// Scarecroodle
Diamond Select Toys has put together a stop-motion animation short film to celebrate the retail release of their Battle Beasts Minimates line. The stop-motion, put together by Alex Kropinak, features some of the Toys "R" Us e...

Hasbro teases new MLP toys with Princess Sparkle

I'm excited for the other Toys R Us exclusives as well!
Feb 10
// Rio McCarthy
Hasbro has been teasing images on their My Little Pony Facebook of new toys we'll be seeing in 2013. The first of which was the Crystal Empire Princess Twilight Sparkle toy, which I think actually looks neat. From what it loo...

TRU's Battle Beasts listings are live yet unavailable

...first that Megazord only goes to Canada and now this? What the heck, Toys "R" Us...
Jan 19
// Scarecroodle
Toys "R" Us has finally added listings for the first wave of Diamond Select Toys' Battle Beasts to its website but, at this aggravating moment, they're currently listed as not being available for order (or pre-order?). Diamon...

Canada gets a Toys 'R' Us exclusive MMPR Megazord

This isn't over, Canada!
Jan 19
// Scarecroodle
Canadian Toys "R" Us retailers and the Canadian TRU website will be getting an exclusive Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord this March. Henshin Justice reports that this version is a revision of the 2010 release but now in...

Christmas Gizmo is ready to go under your tree

Not a creature was stirring, except maybe a mogwai
Dec 11
// Scarecroodle
NECA's Toys "R" Us exclusive Christmas-themed "Santa" Gizmo is now available for order. As previously reported, "Santa Gizmo" features a new headsculpt along with a trumpet and candy cane. I had assumed that the hard-plastic ...
Clearly the democratic process is deeply flawed
A few months back, Toys "R" Us ran a poll to determine which four Minimates would make it into their exclusive Avengers vs X-Men Minimates box set. Now that the dust has settled, we can see that the Avengers won with all thre...

Who the hell gives magical multiplying dangerous transforming monster pets as gifts?!
When people think Christmas movies, Gremlins probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. However, fans of the iconic '80s film will fondly remember Gizmo as being the coolest Christmas gift ever given. Unfortunately, u...


Moose and Bat join TRU-exclusive Battle Beasts

Not to be confused with Moose and Squirrel
Oct 09
// Scarecroodle
Moose has been announced on Facebook as a Toys "R" Us exclusive Battle Beasts Minimate and is confirmed to join the previously announced (but unreported here) Bat in a set. Moose features the same sort of legs used for Vorin ...

Email me when available: TRU lists MP Thundercracker

Sep 09
// Scarecroodle
Toys "R" Us now has their store-exclusive Masterpiece Thundercracker listed on their website and some people already have their copy in-hand. The only problem? It's currently out of stock, meaning you have to opt in to an ava...

Mom and son steal over US$2 million in toys

Aug 15
// Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Ever go into the toy aisle of a store and find open packages with pieces missing or even toys sitting on the shelf without packaging in sight? Well this might be the ultimate example of how things got that way. WTVJ-TV 6 ...

SDCC 2012: Hasbro - Transformers Exclusives

Jul 16 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker
Amazon First up we have the previously mentioned Amazon exclusive Jetwing Optimus Prime along with what was an Asia exclusive Year of the Dragon Optimus Prime. Made to commemorate the Chinese New Year, Hasbro repainted the Transformers: Dark of the Moon Ultimate Optimus Prime with a red trailer featuring the image of a gold dragon along its length. It... had a mixed reaction among fans, some calling it more of a tribute to Chinese bootlegs than anything, but it certainly does make for a standout piece in anyone's collection. Hasbro also displayed the box for the G2 Combaticon set. Not only is it completely done up in the G2 style, but they even went back and got the original G2 box artist to do a new piece for this set! Toys "R" Us Next up comes a downpour of new Toys "R" Us exclusives. Masterpiece Optimus Prime was announced earlier this year to much fanfare. He features everything that made Takara Tomy's MP10 Convoy great along with a brighter paint scheme and full window box fit for display. Prime should be in stores by the end of July. Not far behind it is our first ever look at Masterpiece Thundercracker. He'll be sporting an all new mold first used on MP11 Starscream in Japan. He'll be hitting TRU sometime in October. That brings us to our first attempt to make up for all the disappointment Hasbro put us through by announcing that Transformers: Prime First Edition figures will be coming back to TRU. They've said many times that they're looking for a way to get these into stores, and now they're making good on that promise. Not only will we be seeing the return of series one, but series two will also be coming our way this November. But the biggest piece of news was that TRU will also be the home of the Asia exclusive Transformers: Generations line! There's been speculation that the new remolds would find their way to the Generations line next year, but Hasbro never let on that these would turn up on our side of the world. Hasbro is even going so far as using the original Chinese language packaging for authenticity. The lineup includes four Legion class figures, four Scout class figures, four Deluxe class figures, and 3 Voyager class figures. Start watching stores for these in October. Universal Studios This year Universal Studios Theme Parks landed an exclusive character to go with their new Transformers: The Ride attraction based on the Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie. Evac here has gotten the figure treatment exclusive to the theme parks in both Deluxe and Cyberverse Legion class flavors. His vehicle mode is based on the car you sit in during the ride and makes for quite the souvenir. Also at the parks you'll be able to get repackaged versions of Voyager Optimus Prime and Megatron as well as Deluxe versions of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Youl could probably get some of these on clearance at most retailers, but if you're a sucker for exclusive packaging then you'll want to make your way to Universal Studios now.  Linkin Park A surprise collaboration between Hasbro and the band Linkin Park will soon result in a special gold version of G1 Soundwave. He'll come with four tapes and all will consist of both gold colored plastic and shiny gold chrome. The packaging itself will be made too look like a large version of Soundwave in purple and gold and feature a removable "cassette tape" on the front that doubles as a certificate of Authenticity. The set is limited to only 2000 pieces sold exclusively at band member Joe Hahn's store Suru as well as select hobby channels to be announced later.  Big Bad Toy Store And finally Big Bad Toy Store revealed a special Transformers: Prime line called Dark Energon featuring several figures from the line in new translucent plastic and paint decos. The line will see Optimus Prime in red and blue, Megatron in purple and black, Bumblebee in yellow and blue, Wheeljack in blue and red, Breakdown in green and purple (the image below shows an early red and black scheme, and Starscream in gray and purple. Date and price haven't been announced yet, but BBTS promises that info is coming very soon. BBTS is also sharing the exclusive G2 Combaticon box set with Amazon, but they haven't announced any specifics aside from stating that the pre-orders are coming September 10 and release is expected in early November.  There's still no word on the fate of the remaining Dark of the Moon figures, but Hasbro did say during their  Transformers panel that they are still looking for a way to get these out there. Keep your fingers crossed if you're still hoping to get your hands on Soundwave or Cue without having to import. 

Hasbro sure did do a good job of making their Transformers fans angry earlier this year. They started by dumping news on us that the Transformers: Prime First Edition figures would only continue as Asia exclusives. Then they ...


YES! This is one of the ponies I've been looking for! Well, zebra to be exact, but it's Zecora! Toys "R" Us will be having a 'preview' available at SDCC where you'll be able to pick her up in glow-in-the-dark form for just US...


Toys 'R' Us exclusive MU X-Factor set to premiere at SDCC

Jun 30
// Scarecroodle
Remember that Marvel Universe X-Factor set that popped up in a Hong Kong Toys "R" Us a while back? I'm happy nonplussed to report that has announced that it's coming to America as well later this year (which you ki...

Adventure Time exclusives show up for SDCC

Jun 27
// Tianxiao Ma
Whenever somebody asks me "what time is it?" a little voice in my head goes "aaaadventure time!" So I was quite pleased to see that Toys R Us will be selling some exclusive Adventure Time figures at SDCC. It's a two-pack cont...

Avengers Minimates assembling in stores already

Apr 30
// Kristina Pino
In case you were waiting in agony to see The Avengers this coming Friday and you needed something to tie you over for the last stretch, you could now hit up your favorite Toys "R" Us to gather up some of the movie toys being ...

Uglydolls making their way to Toys 'R' Us stores

Nov 08
// Jackie Zysk
We all love Uglydolls right? The soft, colorful characters and derpy expressions never fail to make me, or my friends, smile! Pro tip: Uglydolls make fantastic gifts. However, they haven't been the easiest thing to get your h...

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